12 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like To Give Crypto Trading Signals”

  1. I've been looking for your crypto trading course that was previously listed for July 11th – never saw it on the website though on that date. When is the trading course beginning? Thanks

    1. Hi Micheal – thanks for the note. You can register at digitalcurrencytraders.com and take the free webinars – I recommend them even if you also choose to upgrade to the lifetime membership (link along the top). Rather than doing a week of registrations and closing the doors – this time you can join and progress when it suits you.

    1. nope. I use http://cointracking.co – you can see screenshots of my profits on the site, and through over 400 videos through the past couple years on this channel. Members get a regular screenshot of my holdings and regular videos as I do the technical analysis and make trading choices on my accounts. Of course, your success is up to you – be sure to read the Terms etc…

    1. I am way too lazy and uneducated to bother moving my coins off of poloniex – but I have diversified my holdings across a number of exchanges… in addition to cashing a nice chunk of profits out of alts and into FIAT… in my savings account. 😉

  2. hey how do i exit a short on margin in poloniex. i have an open short order that i want to take my profits. do i sell or hit the close button ? what do i do

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