Unexpected Ways to Find Your Life Goals (Experiment on Yourself)

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25 thoughts on “Unexpected Ways to Find Your Life Goals (Experiment on Yourself)”

  1. Its great that you have these videos Ameer. Im subscribed to all these crypto / economy videos that i watch daily that i forget to watch about personal development. Please keep up the great videos!

  2. Ameer you have no idea how much I love your videos man, you are one of the very few people I enjoy listening to, you are like my personal mentor and you don’t even know me, thanks for putting knowledge that most 40 year olds don’t even know on here for free! Self education is the key man. I’m 20 and you have helped me with overcoming issues in my personal life, and just giving great advice rather for college or just working and experimenting like you said, thanks man, seriously, we’ll meet one day, but for now, hustle. Thanks. Have a good day!

  3. I think this is some cool advise that I actually apply to myself. Without experimenting on yourself you never really get to know yourself. And it is about being open to opportunities! I reently got into cryptos and I know it is a high risk market so first off i only get into it with what I can loose, maybe something I would have spent on games/books etc… instead. Then I try to find some good investments that can "change my life". That means I am not looking for 10x but 100-1000x to get that kind of money Still a far way off from that but this is an "experiment" for me, getting into a new area of investments and I have found some long-term prospect that have got some of my hopes up: DeepOnion, BitClave and Ark. Still looking for more and allocating some there every week and your video kinda makes me inspired to follow through on ideas and dreams.

    1. that will also be my fulfillment for my micro experiment like Ameer said . I also started investing cryptos for almost a year and to be honest to my self my knowledge on the subject is insufficient , but the good thing is i have learned to research on my own before doing something financial involvement , but what experiment for me also is like you investing DeepOnion , bitcoin , ark , eth and other cryptocurency hoping that it might result prosperity!

      thumbs up for this video it's a great advice sir Ameer 🙂

    2. Yea 100% certain investments can change your life. This part has definitely surprised me as to begin with I thought I'd just be putting money towards revolutionary technology with the hope of making a return. But now I am actually part of something bigger which is what really shocked me. Like you I'd had some great luck with privacy coins and some other lower cap coins in the recent times.

  4. Good advice. One thing though, you may want to stop listing Elon Musk as one of the most successful people around, the guy is almost 3/4 of a billion in debt and is running Tesla to the ground.

  5. Great advice. i recently experimented on myself by getting into crypto. lost some money as a noob till i stumbled on Deeponion. great privacy coin, great tech, hardworking developers, great community and i can say the experiment was worth it. The tech part was more indulging for me because i am a tech enthusiast and the developers say there's still more to come. i think i'd experiment with work out next!.

  6. Cool video Ameer, love the way of walking and talking at the same time. When I was a kid, I used to make cool bots on games to make money, but years have passed and I feel Crypto is the future for the next 10 years. I've picked a couple of projects "DeepOnion" and "Nano" which works on real world use-case and around my favourite subject. This will definitely be a game changer in my life 🙂

  7. Great advise from you Ameer. I agree with experimentation, that's is what I've applied for most of my investment in the cryptoworld. I collected multiple cryptos of different categories, I've got big giants like btc, ltc, and some privacy coins, like deeponion, zcash, and monero. There's no great return if you don't take a risk.

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