Top 5 Coins to Go 10x in 2018!

1. KuCoin Shares: buy from KuCoin exchange –
2. Monero: Private fungible digital cash
3. SumoKoin: Private fungible digital cash
4. Privatix: Decentralised VPN with a userbase
5. DragonChain: Ethereum with a marketing budget.

– Copy traders and let them grow your bitcoins for you at:

– Lend your coins to margin traders on Poloniex and use CoinLend to get the best rates:

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Coins to Go 10x in 2018!”

  1. really great tip about KuCoin. Thanks for that! I am registered. Love the research you put into choosing these coins.

    1. Victor Rodriguez are you asking me or LumbridgeCity? Personally I think it's possibly a good long-term hold.

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