Should You Do An ICO?

Should You Do An ICO?

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50 thoughts on “Should You Do An ICO?”

  1. Maybe ICOs are a valid way for startups to raise money from the general public rather than VCs or angel investors, but the whole space needs to be properly regulated. Unfortunately IMHO most of the current crop of ICOs seem to be peddling "vapour ware" projects.

  2. Problems like this, piggybacking on the latest darling technology to try and cash in on it, will never be solved because people love to gamble, both small speculators and VC's alike. Having said that, what about FOAM? They need their token to service their staking protocol. (I have no relationship with FOAM nor do I hold any of their assets!).

  3. Most ICOs are all about making a killing. Some are started to fail, in order to get people to invest and then founders will exit scam slowly……

    1. Create a fake problem – research one from the back of your mind. Raise millions and spend it on premium porn sites memberships.

  4. Hi Ameer! Would love to hear some examples of current true utility tokens or cryptocurrency projects that is actually using and need Blockchain. Thank you!

  5. it would be fine if they were real securities, but they arent. securities are called that because they are backed by actual ownership in the company. Eventually tokens will do this, but currently thats not that situation.

  6. I’m a Pro Boxer, and I think it would work for boxers and other independent athletes. It gives fans of athletes the chance to buy into an athlete they believe in.

  7. Great vid Ameer most people don't care about the technology all they ask the admins in telegram groups is when will it hit an exchange so they can flip them.If they want peeps to support them and get behind the tech and make a success of it they should be called initial community offer and keep the caps down on what you can buy to keep whales away.

  8. Great video. Love your content and I love how you are straight forward. I agree with you 100% so many wasted ICO's just here out of greed.

  9. Where have you been Mr. Rosic! We almost thought you were unwell or involved in accident or something. Glad to hear your insight again, as always. Good to see you back!

  10. Why do we "need' blockchain in the first place? What blockchain solves that needs to be solved?We can easility live without btc, ehh and utility tokens

  11. Mr. Ameer Rosic, I would like to ask a question and I request to make a video on this.
    Sometimes one feels the energy, gets motivated and pumped up to do a particular thing or goal however as night comes and the next morning you wake up everything is gone. That drive and energy are no more there.

    However, I have seen people that have consistency in their day2day work and you would feel that this person never gets tired and he is constantly motivated.

    I don't know the secret to this. I would highly appreciate making a video on this. I also encourage readers to upvote this comment to get attention.

  12. You are the one who got me started, when I followed your instructions in the video How to Invest 100 bucks into Cryptocurrency. I just bought my Nano through your link.

  13. Great video! I'd love to hear your opinion on the crypto20 teams new software that will detect plagiarism and keywords in ICO's to give an overall trust rating.

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