Quick Bitcoin & Altcoin Update

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***Adding to MyEtherWallet***

► 0x1142F8e419014BFad10015E22CE65498DbE93B5E
► Decimal: 8
► Ticker Symbol: SPT

Total supply: 250,000,000 SPT (points) – ERC20 Smart Token

SocialPoints is not designed to be a cryptocurrency or a security. This is my own reward system to reward points to loyal viewers! Points sit on the Ethereum blockchain LIKE a cryptocurrency. You can share these points with your friends, family, and others online that you feel deserve some online cred 😉
Please do your research before investing, this is not considered investment advice & should only be considered for educational purposes only. You should consult with an attorney or another professional to determine what may be best for your individual needs. Trading cryptocurrencies can be VERY risky.

Thanks so much guys…

16 thoughts on “Quick Bitcoin & Altcoin Update”

  1. When u can call resistance and support lines from memory whilst going for a walk u know u have bitcoin in your blood haha – thanks for the update

  2. You look tired, I hope everything is running well you and your family, thanks for keep on posting vids 🙂

  3. Nice Bose headphones. The crypto market looks like music. It goes up and down. Bitcoin and my favorite altcoin DeepOnion are both at historic low positions. It is a good chance of investment. The market will sing the high note soon.

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