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97 thoughts on “Let’s find the next BIG THING!”

  1. Hey hope I can get some donation for my project, bitafric – Blockchain Education for Africans


  2. i was really looking forward to that giveaway… anyways congratulations to the winners… nice live stream…

  3. at least try one pump and dump for those who are supporting it… we will really look forward to it

  4. thanks for this video, very impressive. What do you think about Bitconnect?
    btc: 1K9P97ixRre9dnTahrjFxs5Lh4w7zkC3uZ

  5. please check kucoin exchange and tell top 3 coins to invest in there… many coins are doing good there.. just need your review

  6. Can you just tell us about the effects of bitconnectx on BBC… Will it rise..

  7. Thanks Sunny, Great video once again ! What do you think of IOTA?
    Please pick me ROBOT picker!
    Thanks, Tom

  8. is trx going to be listed on korean exchange and a deal with a big company?? or is it just fake news

  9. Bro u missed last time EMb its having swap burn to chartis check the project is unique

  10. The next big thing (BTC & ETH imo)? Du hast mir heute die Augen geöffnet. Ich kann nicht glauben das Pump and Dump die ganze Zeit stattfindet und ich immer wieder drauf reinfalle. Ich hoffe so sehr das du ein Pump and Dump Format machst! gj


  11. Hi, Can you not be interested in showing how to make money by exchanging coin back and forth? Buy when it is law and sell at high again to the law value of the coin

  12. I think anything with a good development team and technology that make sense will X over time. It's hard to find a new coin that will 10x 20x anymore… LhTpwYTmG9Y7a7amWkiQufDkKqEgWGPoiC

  13. You get one shot at pump and dump, and no one will trust you after they lose money. Now you are giving bad financial advice. People that relay the pump and dump to social media will cause friends, family, and followers to lose money. Now your viewers are ruining their credibilities too.

  14. Litecoin's smaller time intervals between adding new blocks to its Blockchain, which is supposed to decrease transaction times; – Litecoin's mining is governed by the Scrypt algorithm, as opposed to Bitcoin's SHA 256. The purpose of this is to restrict ASIC miners and allow users to efficiently mine Litecoin on regular PC's; it was working as intended for some time until Scrypt ASICs were developed. Since its creation, Litecoin has been very popular, with an almost constant presence in the top 5 of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization ..
    My address..

  15. there is huge oppurtunities in crypto people can make a lot of money if they know what they are doing, if only i had money to trade because money brings money, I have been "trading" with small amounts which i earned from faucets, but still you can not get rich with 2 dollar tradings 🙂

  16. How is promoting pump and dump (winning money has to come from people losing money) different than promoting Bitconnect?

  17. LTC been sitting at the same spot consolidating for so long since the share dump, it's almost primed for at least a run back 350 levels. Another fun video Sunny. If you decide to have a bunch of buy into a coin that actually has real world value, I wouldn't consider it a pump n dump since it would bring awareness to a coin that would eventually rise anyway.

  18. i'm glad litecoin is making a comeback :). litecoin is the coin of the future!!!

  19. Great video ltc is going to 500 usd soon
    whats your thoughts on Davorcoin?
    kind of losing interest in bitconnect.

  20. Hey sunny I watch all your vids mate and there brill.. I'm not to keen on the pump and dump idea I prefer the research into decent coins that have great teams behind them. Reddcoin was a McAfee pumped coin also. Keep up the great work I 3x my investment with cardano too 🙂


  21. Sunny LTC is to moon. But Sunny don't Prostitute your credibility you build with your handwork.

  22. You have a great channel and thanks you for giving away such great things! I have shared this video, liked and subscribed. I hope you good luck for future!
    But saddest part is I can't buy any cryptocurrency as I'm a teenager and my asian parent won't invest such large amount on crypto-currency.


  23. Play the music you like man, it is your channel do it the way you like it, be free and bee happy, you'r human and so are followers. F@k haters, they are going to hate…
    The RDD is PoS, you can earn RDD's just hodling it and having wallet running


  24. Die neue Handy Wallet mit allen Kryptowährungen von Ethos kommt in Q1 2018. Ethos wird Coinbase ablösen schon bald .. jetzt in Ethos investieren und ihr werdet reich , Geheimtipp!

  25. Sadly the companies that have unique tech applications require you to be an accredited investor. I'm stuck here watching NTK (neurotoken) sell out because I don't have the income to drop a grand? Bullshit.
    That's why you get people chasing multipliers, cause we're not allowed to smartly invest on our own

  26. Don`t sell out, there is no "fair pump and dump planning", there will be always people not knowing whats really happening, it will be kind of bitconnect where some of them don`t know it will eventually crash… being honest i guess a lot of people will leave (me included) if you keep considering things like this. Thanks anyways for the rest of the video.

  27. I'm happy that you do re-rolls and stick to your personal values. keep up the good job SD! Always happy to hear you like the PAY token long term.

  28. If 2017 surprised us, I have no words for 2018. We just have to get on the train in a timely manner.
    LTC: LafABiU9gxSdf1n6sjb2WsZqLoWZGw6LJF

  29. Love the channel! Thanks for covering NAV! Do you think this tech will take off this year? And what other coins do you think are going to show good actual ''use case'' in 2018?

  30. Hi Sunny. Good quality review on Hive. Never thought about the competition, I would buy in on Hive but totally agree on that point. LN37vSRFtQr6MJ19EpuUDgRuRzuPmYktP5

  31. Hive is interesting for me. I will be watching it closely before putting some money in it. LeDRhTBnNvzQ7cxBw9TahFPzfDuw2RkLQ9

  32. LYbBn4PuK9wdB3VmC1eKEHVQuS1pG8RQB1
    sunny it would be truly amazing if you could sum up your long videos (like 1h plus) in your description instead of using the full space for ref links

  33. BTC will be implementing Lightning soon, at least that seems to be the general idea that is going around. I think BTC will rule for a while due to the idea behind BTC.
    loving LTC too though. hopefully LTC will take of this year.

  34. Hey Sunny. love your videos, im happy you left bitconnect. its such a shame that scams like this exist. stay true to what you do ..

  35. Isin't putting all my money into cloud mining more profitable than HODLING? I mean, with HODLing I have a fixed set of BTC which value will grow, but with mining i am generating more and more BTCs. So if the value of BTC will grow, so will my total amount as now I have more bitcoins with me? Please correct me if I am wrong. I have 80% invested into cloud, and 20% HODL. Thanks


  36. I think a lot of people are going to get burn't in Crypto because they are just blindly buying into it without having any idea if it actually has any real world value. The whitepaper is the best place to try to understand if it will. Great vlog mate.

  37. We don't want PUMP and DUMP because they create too much disorder, just keep it the way it is now…

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