Is Bitcoin Fueling Up For A Bull Run? $500B Market Cap, Polymath, CFTC + UK, Telegram ICO – Ep147

We are moving up through the key resistance and support levels required for a major bull move in Bitcoin which *should* translate into a market wide boom. Today we’ll talk about which levels to watch, Polymath + Security Tokens, the CFTC’s partnership with the UK and Telegram’s ICO precedent.


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100 thoughts on “Is Bitcoin Fueling Up For A Bull Run? $500B Market Cap, Polymath, CFTC + UK, Telegram ICO – Ep147”

  1. dont forget about vertbase and vtc ability with atomic swaps (depending on how many users can access and how many alts available for atomic swap). obviously if bittrex implements fiat pairing it might render the former obsolete, but also have to take into account the bittrex waitlist ala new money barrier

  2. Polymath to the moon, thank you carter for mentionning it last week, i made my research the whole week, bought some and it already looks promising and people know that too, let's make it big, i wanna buy ST20 tokens when it launches !

  3. Carter, can you talk about the top wallets, and maybe the coins you say these "whales" are trying to buy up? this would help a lot of people make investment decisions and understand what coins my be more sustainable in the long run.

    Very respectfully,

  4. Why doesn't the crypto community form its own regulatory rules? Why rely on the manipulation of government. This way we have a community in are court to battle the gov rules.

  5. I decided not to join the Litecoin fork. Because a litecoin user could in theory (or in practice?) create an indefinate number of litecoin addresses that contained a lot of litecoin. Say he or she sends 100 litecoins to address A. Then he sends them to address B, then to addres C, then to address C120 (after a day of hard work). Then he or she would give the private keys of all those litecoin addresses to the fork website. And that 100 litecoin would give maybe half a million of litecash for free. So if that litecash is a scam, that could also mean that the initiators could give themselves billions of litecash tokens, because they would be doing this for several months or longer time before this. If it looks, smells, quacks like a scam, it probably is.

  6. Polymath is looking really really promising. I heard about it 7 days ago, and got in as it was listed on Kucoin. It will rival Ethereum

  7. You da man. Def learning a lot from your analysis. Also helping my patients when it comes to buying unlike when I first started

  8. Your video's are very educating! Love to watch them. Please look into Simple Token. They are bringing crypto to masses, still highly undervalued, they already announced 23 partnerships. They are the WordPress of cryoto!

  9. Man you are always so focused on the so called big institutional investors money coming into the market and I can understand why, it's exciting and it means big profits BUT what you don't get is that as the masses continue to use more and more alternative currencies to the dollar the big institutional money WILL BE FORCED to move towards decentralized currencies. They simply won't be able to stay a float in the old system.

    Regulations will not make you rich, they will do the opposite just look at history. In a free market you have to make good decisions, there is no daddy to hold your hand while keeping you down. The free market allows smart people to flourish and it teaches dumb people to be smart, it holds everyone accountable and there is no way for those at the top to gain the system by using legislation to their advantage.


    These technologies will free humanity and they will make you wealthy while doing it, it's inevitable.. Although there will be many bumps in the road ahead, in the long term governments will lose to a system in which promotes freedom, they simply can't regulate it or control it and that truth is becoming more and more obvious to them overtime. Just look at music and file sharing as an example of how well the governments around the world can control it but now we are talking about money.

    The writing is on the wall but the question is can you read it? Those who can read it will benefit the most but you have to be patient and quit calling out for governments to control you, my God…

  10. I've gotten out of all ICO Tokens (not coins) until I see what the financial regulators do with them. Even EOS. Also, tokens are not stocks. You might be able to make money trading, but what are most or all of these "tokens" worth outside of their own ecosystems? Think BITCONNEEEECT!

  11. A lot of people including myself see this Telegram ICO as a Cash grab… If you think about it WHAT ARE THEY ACTUALLY addressing… what new features or niche are they actually addressing?

  12. The shorter run times on your videos are better. Was hard to follow everything on those long videos cuz of attention spans and growing boredom.

  13. Polymath is the project you want to be a part of in 2018 – if anyone here is going to Polycon18 – lmk, Carter if ur going – I owe you a Corona, thanks for the great content as always

  14. Don't forget a lot of these majority altcoin holders/founders will be able to sell to banks/institutions through dark pools with little notice or effect to the market

  15. Sounds like you are making a case for banks to be in on ico's. I hope not. Banks will have to get use to a new paradigm I hope. If they want in, they won't get first dibs.

  16. I'm curious what you think about STORM? It sounds like an interesting project with a pretty top-notch team. Charles Hoskinson (Cardano), Bill Shihara (founder of Bittrex) on advisory board, just to name a couple.

  17. International regulation of markets is not new. crypto is just another product to be eased into the regulatory regime. Also AML and CTF financing has been long established from G20 down to all countries throughout the world. You only have to review the FATF guidelines on the subject of crypto currency. This is why it is inevitable that crypto will need to embrace and not reject compliance with regulations that currently exist in banking. Don't delude yourself into thinking bankers and regulators are stupid they have cryptos fully in sight.

  18. The only way that is going to happen is for something to FUD the whole space, so everyone freaks outs and sells, then the big money buys all the coins up…millions and millions of coins. This makes perfect sense. How are they going to flush crypto???

  19. Does anyone have a view on nano? I think the recent bitgrail scandal has wiped out trust in the coin which is a shame as it looks really promising.

  20. Upcoming TZero exchange similar to and bigger in scope than Polymath (is a full global trading exchange – beyond crypto – and not just a code evolution). Keep an eye out for the public release.

  21. The Telgram ICO is being sold only to qualified investors $5 million net worth there fore it is following the security regs

  22. People pay attention!  When he talks about a small group of people owning most the coin supply for any one coin. 

    This is how the elite are transferring their wealth. The very thing crypto was supposed to stop! You think the fed banks had the monopoly with fiat. This is much worse.

  23. Hello Carter I would personally like to say thank you for clamming approach to trading cryptocurrency. You had help me a great deal . By reassuring me that it would sooner or later start moving up. I new it would go up and it is moving up now. It was just that listening to you and your view that help me stay positive . when all around me personally and financially life was going south. I really do enjoy your views and look forward to your videos. I have made a lot of mistake for I only been investing from April last year. I did well out of luck and holding and getting in early. I am planning now to trade cryptocurrency full time. So I have a lot to learn and being clam and waiting for opportunity to come is the key. I wish you all the best.

  24. As soon as the big banks are getting into crypto the same virus will appear as in the stockmarket unfortunately and the basic meaning of cryptos is gone.

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