Interview: Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Beyond

This interview with Brian Phan (Cantech TV) was held during June 20 – 21st 2016 for the Blockchain Training Conference hosted by the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada in Toronto, Canada:

0:13 – How did you get into Bitcoin and open blockchains?
5:24 – What is the killer app(s) of Bitcoin and open blockchains?
9:42 – Is there a knowledge / skills gap or shortage in this space?
16:21 – What is the difference between Bitcoin and blockchains?
20:18 – What are the similarities and differences with Ethereum?
24:33 – What are your thoughts on DAOs and specifically TheDAO?
30:56 – How do incentives work in these decentralised systems?
32:40 – What can Bitcoin, open blockchains, or tokens do for the sharing economy?
38:51 – How long before mainstream adoption and broader financial inclusion? Where will adoption happen first?
42:51 – How effective would government bans on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies be?
44:02 – How important is the price to people’s perception of this technology? What are price fluctuations driven by?

Watch my talk from the same event:

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and respected figures in bitcoin.

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He is the author of two books: “Mastering Bitcoin,” published by O’Reilly Media and considered the best technical guide to bitcoin; “The Internet of Money,” a book about why bitcoin matters.



Highlights from “The Internet of Money” (Volume 2):



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53 thoughts on “Interview: Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Beyond”

  1. I wear glasses now because i bought btc but have no idea what it is. I just saw fusion got listed, even though im ignant I'll bet it's 10x and yup, thats financial advice.

  2. A great packed content video – Where can one dive in deep to learn about block chain? there are so many places that you get fragmented information where you are sure if this is good information or garbage. Thank you for adding so much value.

  3. My professor Antonopoulos in ntroduction to Digital Currencies Free MOOC 9! simply genious!! love the analogy of the Bitcoin as Rat of sewers Vs Bublle boy… 😉

  4. Absolutely FANTASTIC interview! Brother you should have triple the amount of followers. You are a true leader in the Crypto space!

  5. fantastic breakdown. thank you both! we are in such exciting times! I am so for this technology as a way to create a totally new system, take responsibility for our investments and I hope people see beyond just 'making money' and realize the potential for investing in ''for benefit' start ups (that banks will not fund,) to actualize the world that they want to live in. do your research!! all is possible here – lots of wealth AND a new, decentralized, transparent, world filled with technologies that inform positive and co-operative development, collectively, for both Earth and her living inhabitants. Make sure the crytos you invest in is mined and not subject to pump and dump, check 'who' is behind the project / coin / network and find out their objectives and what the proposed technologies are supportive of. YOU are now in the driver seat and have graduated from kindergarten to university. good luck!!

  6. if sleeping people are called sheeple. would would the followers of cheating people be called? how about cheaple????…

  7. Instead of the analogy of internet and email, would it be fair to say that blockchain is a vein and bitcoin is blood and anything can grow out of that?

  8. I am a big fan of Andreas Antonopoulos and I wonder if he is not Satoshi Nakamoto itself. (Joking). But I have to disagree Ethereum can't do what Bitcoin does. I think he know it can but he is so attached to the Bitcoin brand that he cannot assume such thing. I wish one day Andreas won't be biased anymore in this arena. The guy is a genius and he really could contribute more for the evolution of the blockchain outside the "Brand bubble".

  9. 35:47 this is a truely amazing concept and just the tip of the iceberg of what we will be able to do with this technology. Most people in the world will use crypto just like most have a smartphone today!

  10. Soooo right… Blockchain ISN'T the part we will value. It is the Bitcoin protocol and what it allows that's most revolutionary

  11. Bitcoin should be used in Greece, if going back to the Drachma is out the question .. but unfortunately we Greeks sold out to the Central Banks a long time ago.. but maybe there is still hope ;^)

  12. Fun fact, the day of this interview bitcoin was just $439.84 in paper/inflationary oil money. ($USD)

    If you had invested 40,000 instead of buying that new Ford F150, you would be a millionaire right now!

  13. The mainstream media always gets a little scared at reporting anything that sounds like it has the potential to disrupt the status quo. The blockchain/cyberspace comparison is so true. I remember when the internet was being talked about as something we all needed to be worried about at the time. I've always found it funny how the media skirts around the most obvious thing that Bitcoin threatens and that is the entire centralized fiat empire itself. In an attempt to sell the idea of a decentralized currency to the non-libertarian crowd, they try and steer the conversation away from the currency alternative aspect and towards the blockchain tech itself instead.

  14. Andreas is there a way to achieve the same level of immutability/security without the immensely energy intensive proof of work? I'm in the environmental field, and BTC's large energy use is one of the arguments against its mainstreaming (from my field). Any thoughts?

  15. I am obsessed with the blockchain! It has so much potential! Call me an idealist but it has so much value to offer the world other than speculative gambling on the price of tokens and it is still in it's infancy. A healthy competitive market where developers are pushing the borders of what's possible. With protocols like plasma we are going to revolutionize the world, not just the internet with how we work together in our society to achieve common goals.

    New incentives towards sharing economies and common interests will hopefully make the world less divided. The disintermediation of incompetent systems of government and many other aspects of society will hopefully improve the quality of life and bring more justice.

    Censorship will become harder and harder, global currencies, resources and sharing of value will become more postive trends. Human beings have trust issues, these types of technologies circumnavigate many issues we face in our divided world. With the incentives to work together outweighing the incentives to stay divded we can achieve a lot.

    Onwards to our borg future 😛

  16. When Sending a bitcoin transaction does your hard wallet contact a central node first or does it broadcast its intent on port 8333 and randomly picks a response in order to commence the consensus process resulting a permanent write to the blockchain? In other words, how does this OSI layer 7 routing protocol work at the lower layers specifically at layer 4?

  17. I have learned so much from you Andrew. Among all the people I have been following in the community in my attempts to better understand this technology, you have provided the most information of all, and you make it easy to comprehend for laymen like myself as well. You have amazing teaching skills, and your abstractions and analogies are often as poetic as they are enlightening. I truly appreciate the time you take to help others understand the most important elements of the Bitcoin network. Your work is inspirational and in it's own way every bit as important as the development of the technology itself.

  18. thanks andes. for your articulation on the subject and helping every level of person understand what I is all about. i am a newbie and diving in trying to get a thourofh hold on it all! subscribed and going to go through all yr vids👍👍👍

  19. I'd love to know Andreas' sources for the un/under banked statistics. When I'm talking about Bitcoin I talk about the un/under banked but am afraid if using the figures Andreas does because I can't find any articles or studies backing up his figures. If anyone has stats and articles please tell me.

  20. awesome andreas, great vid. andreas could you make an interview with peter schiff, this wannabe liberterian. peter has no idea about bitcoin BUT HE HAS AN OPINION ON IT! You cant imagine how much i want to see, you cleaning the floor with his face in an discussion about bitcoins UTILITY.

  21. Andreas Amazing as always! – Where can i send u questions for your YouTube to be answered ? I watch all your videos and i have few questions about Bitcoin and the future and what to expect in the next 5-10 years

  22. I have few questions here that i really to hear your thoughts on 1. Where do u see Bitcoin in 5-10 years?2. Is the Lightning Network something that you see in future as a everyday shopping channel for a normal citizen ?Like do u see your neighbour paying with Lightning Network / Bitcoin in her local grocery store in 5-10 years?3. I just read a open letter to miners on Reddit about the hashpower and the control one mining company in China already have over Bitcoin…. Is this something that we should be afraid of ?Does it really matter how big miners can get ? – Is something dangerous about how big miners can get ?4. Is there any way that fees for transactions in the future can be free ?Hope to hear your thoughts on thisJanus

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