How to Preserve Your Crypto Legacy Part 1 (Assuring Your Family has Access to Your Phone)

In this video series, the Cryptodad will take you through the steps necessary to preserve access to your Crypto assets if you should become unable to do so. It is extremely important to provide this information to your family in case of sickness, accidents, or death. There are currently no legal mechanisms for your family to claim your crypto assets even if they know you have them. The only way to ensure that your crypto assets pass to your family is to provide explicit directions to them in case of emergency.

I am not a professional financial advisor. I cannot be held responsible for your financial decisions.
The ideas and strategies discussed in this video should never be used without first assessing your own personal and financial situation, or without consulting a financial professional.

This Video covers iPhone access instructions.

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The access to your crypto assets fall into these major categories.

A) Access to your phone.
Passcodes, Apple ID password, email account passwords.

B) Access to the information on your phone:
iCloud backups (Apple ID password)
iTunes backups (computer password)
encrypted iTunes backups (computer password & iTunes encrypted backup password)
Access to your Google Authenticator App
You will need to provide instructions on accessing and using Google Authenticator.
You should also store the printed backup codes for the app itself and the accounts that also provide printable backup codes. They should all be in a safe and secure place that your family will be able to find in case of emergency

C) Desktop Crypto Wallets
For the following desktop wallets, you will need to provide access to the recovery seeds and/or the wallet passwords
Electrum Bitcoin Wallet
Electrum Wallet
Bitcoin Core Wallet
Litecoin Wallet
Jaxx Wallet
Exodus Wallet
Monero Wallet
Verge Wallet

D) Paper Wallets
You will need to store the paper wallets in a safe and secure place where your family will be able to locate them. You will also need to provide explicit instructions on how to access the funds.

E) Crypto Exchange accounts
You will need to provide a list of crypto exchange accounts that you currently store cryptocurrency on. For the following accounts, you will need to provide user IDs and passwords. You will also need to indicate the accounts that have 2-factor authentication enabled along with explicit instructions on using your chosen 2-factor authentication app.

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