How to move Cindicator Coins to the Ledger Nano S

This tutorial will take you step by step on how to move your CND tokens on Binance to the Ledger Nano S. Be sure to use the correct websites! Note, you will need some ETH in your wallet to show your Cindicator tokens.

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How Wallets Work:

Which tokens are supported:

Get Started:

How to use MyEtherWallet with Ledger:

9 thoughts on “How to move Cindicator Coins to the Ledger Nano S”

  1. It's probably dumb…but simply behind the strength of you creating this content and that I'm coming to trust YOUR knowledge…(and the coin is at $0.16)…I'm about to blindly buy CND. I'll look into what its purpose is later…Yes, I understand you're not financially advising me…I'm still in my own infancy stages of exploring the crypto world…Anyway, thanks for the great video again.

  2. to sum this up, does it mean that you can send any ERC20 tokens to Ethereum Wallet on Nano Ledger S? and then to send them somewhere else, you need to use myetherwallet. and of course, switch between yes and no on the browser options. is that right?

    1. follow up question, should i just store $25+ ethereum always, just to make sure that it can be used for gas?

    1. and if you move your coins form an exchange to a wallet, you wont see it in both places, just in the wallet, or wherever you moved it.

  3. Gary, love your videos, the dev of Toast Wallet are looking for a 3 min video to post at their site, might be an opp for you?

  4. So if I want to deposit tron into my ledger nano, I have to deposit thru my MEW or directly to my ledger Walter ethereum?

  5. Love your videos , the most clear videos I have ever seen. Can you share your thoughts about bitcoin and altcoin taxes ? I am really confused with that .. I am able to pay for each taxable event , but my question is , i haven’t gotten any of my profits yet (by selling my coins ) I just do exchanges from BTC to a different coin, so , what if at the end of the year I decide to sell all my cryptos and I realized that I didn’t get enough profits because the coins went down ( an example that I don’t want it happens ) , and I paid so much money to the IRS the actual year, and I realize That I didn’t get any profit but loss, will I get a tax return from IRS? That’s not fair , I thought you only pay taxes of your profits once you sell your cryptos . But why for every exchange ? A way to steal our money .

    So where I am going to get my money from? to pay those taxable events ? If I haven’t sold anything ???

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