How to catch pump and dumps without being a pumper

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How to catch pump and dumps without being a pumper

Based on the research of a well-known Pump and Dump Group over a period of 12 months and more than 70 Pumps – I created a spreadsheet, studied all the charts for clues to watch for just before the Pump.

And then I practiced my strategy. It takes several hours to research and set up, but then, there is no work or maintenance to manage the trades.

Is it risky? – you bet, you could lose all your money.

Does it take a long time? – once you start producing profits from this, you’ll do this strategy as part of your trading forever… so ya, it takes a long time.

Is it hard to learn? – No. I can teach you this in 20 minutes.

Is it hard to do? Only if you are impatient. I recommend only a small part of your overall investing to be dedicated to this uncertain, ultra-high risk/reward strategy.

Price Manipulating AltCoin Clan – EXPOSED

Tune in to the live stream to ask your questions – or comment below the video and I’m always happy to reply.

36 thoughts on “How to catch pump and dumps without being a pumper”

  1. make your video louder please. my soft/hardware is at max and i can barely hear you. better louder and you can lower the volume then vice versa

    1. I appreciate the kudos Moses. I certainly recommend that cryptos should be a part of any well balanced portfolio – especially for those lucky enough to be starting now at the end of September 2017

    1. It's the chart pattern… it does not always work so it's important to have risk control rules – but every time I see this pattern, I just have to take the risk. This time my entry was bang on.

  2. thanks, volume of de video is low indeed but more importantly its not showing the whole canvas. look at 4:24 , where you say look at this mass of volume. Can't see the bottom there.

  3. Hi, I loved this video. I agree with so much of this. My main question is, do you think using a trade bot is worthwhile? Even the ones that are just designed to make incremental buy and sell moves over and over again? I'm fairly active trading, but so many times I see bots undercut sell orders when I'm trading during the day, and I feel like it would be advantageous to me if I did something about it (used a bot).

    1. Bots are a completely different strategy than my long term methods of watching for bottom formations. They do have use and can be profitable in micro amounts over and over again – and surely do create steady income when set up correctly. Presently I do not bot – but will be setting up and experimenting. If it works for me while I do other things, that is my kinda thing!

  4. Intresting video. Mabe if we can all track pumped altcoins en put it in in a public libery. we can track a lot more pumps.?via google drive we can have a shared spread sheet

  5. runescape was my game <3 and yes i still remember all the merch clans, it wasnt till i turned 13 did i learn it was actually a scam. The nostalgia, holy crap.

    1. I am going to leave this crap as a comment – because i want the SEC to find you and arrest you.The crypto manipulation crack down is ON this year. And I would be very nervous if I had been doing any of these rippoff scams like you.

    1. I caught the bug as well. Quick question, if i buy on 1 exchange and use their wallet can I then use the receive address of another exchange to send to the same coins to sell?

    2. you bet! – but there is always a wee cost to the transaction – and – you have to report all this on your taxes, so keep it simple or tracking it becomes an nightmare. Assume from now that you will be very wealthy – and do the tracking correctly at the start!

    1. I appreciate your note Michael – I am in the process of completing the updated version of my book that will include the four steps that a pump and dump scam follows, and hired a web team a couple months ago to help me rebuild the website into a better user experience – watch for updates over the next while and aiming for a May release date.In the meantime seek out my recent video on the 'popcorn trading strategy' for cryptos as it covers my lay-in-waiting strategy to catch the big moves that retrace back.

  6. Just subbed – I'm researching PnDs because I keep having a good stream of trades and then have my account hit hard when there's a massive dump in less than a minute. I figure it must be a pump and dump target price being achieved and it keeps setting me way back.Do you have any advice on how to make 5%/day pretty consistently? If i could do that without getting massive 30% losses from pump and dumps I would do fine.

    1. Thanks for the note alex, first, my trading system will not make consistent daily income like a job. I can tell when to put on a position, and I can determine when I am wrong, but I leave it to the market to tell me how correct I am. In other words, I only work my positions when I am wrong – and when I am right, I sit back and wait to see just how right I am. Many of my trades are for 6 to 8 months in duration. Now – about avoiding the price manipulation… you must trade in small enough position sizes that you can let the manipulators move the market around and not get shaken out. If your position size is too large, you'll have your stop loss very close… which is ideal for the AI BOTS. They shake the markets with mathematical precision – costing 10000 small traders 1000 each – these AI BOTS are soaking up MILLLIONS of dollars in profits from beginners who are trading with their stops too close.

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