Ethereum Killers? Research on NEO, ADA, EOS, Tezos & DFINITY

Ethereum is by far the largest general purpose and smart contract platform in the blockchain space right now, but there are multiple competitors working to gain market share. In this video lets review some fantastic research compiled by Ed Posnak, on NEO, Cardano, EOS, Tezos and DFINITY and whether or not they have a shot to truly kill Ethereum.

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Intro article discussing the “On the Origin Series”:

On the Origin of Tezos:

On the Origin of NEO:

On the Origin of Cardano:

On the Origin of EOS:

On the Origin of DFINITY:

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100 thoughts on “Ethereum Killers? Research on NEO, ADA, EOS, Tezos & DFINITY”

  1. EOS – 2 Billion Raised + 3.24 Billion Projected = 4-6 Billion Total Raised
    (Average price till June $15) x (2 Million new EOS every 23 hours) X 108 Rounds of ICO = 3.24 Billion
    Any question??? hahaha

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  3. Guys, help me. I am using coinbase but it takes almost 5 days to actually see my crypto after I buy it. This is too risky due to price fluctuations. Is there another sensible exchange that allows for same day buy and sell? Don't say binance because that shit cannot connect to bank of america or suntrust bank!

  4. I predict poopcoin to moonlambo to $1337 by the end of the year just cause. You unsubstantiated shills are the cringiest people in this space i swear

  5. This is possibly one of the best peer researched videos I've seen (and I'd like to an update when this author updates his content).

  6. I have been Bullish on Ethereum for about 5 months ever since I started researching this space. Why you might ask? They have been responsible for an exorbitant amount of growth due to the tokens riding their platform. That being said, the recent news of their top developer taking a permanent hiatus truly gives me pause! Anyone who believes that continuing this fork insanity due to the extreme incompetence of ERC20 token developers is a sign of not only inexperience in this field but in life as well. Nobody with half a brain would support what Ethereum is contemplating especially knowing why Bitcoin came to fruition! I am one of many that will be supporting these up and coming platforms over Ether solely due to their lack of decisiveness!!! Peace out! CRYPTO RANDY….

  7. im staring to get boring about u videos . always talking about the same coins that we all know.
    when actually is a lot of great new coins out there . coins like ary block array.. great project and low price , low supply and an excellent coin to go moon this year

  8. ETH has the first mover advantage, therefore we shouldn't be trying to find a killer but a side-kick. That is why I think NEO is the one to follow, since it will complement ETH, also ICX. EOS I heard good things but everything is yet to be seen. ADA I think is overvaluated but I still like it a lot. The others are not even on my radar, and that tells you much.
    I also like DragonChain. I'm not sure why it is not showing in the table above.

    What we want is a platform that is used, and that doesn't mean we will use the best one, just the one with the most adoption. People tend to forget that part.

  9. NEO will be biz enterprise #1 and EOS for everyone else. dBFTA and dPOS are hard to beat! Ethereum is the Compuserve of crypto, too early to the game too late to change

  10. Look into NULS. The off chain scaling is built into it, so it's ready to go and no security issues. WAY undervalued compared to these others.

  11. No one talks about Plasma scaling solution that already in the works which can process 1M tps for Ethereum. Omisego is the first project. If this succeeds, the so called ethereum killers will be killed.

  12. What about the Monster? NEBULAS!!!! Great videos Bobby, also think ICON is going to sneak in and be powerful in its own way.

  13. Good info…however big money is already poised to push crypto noobs towards eos. Caught a few ads, recommendations, etc, pointing to this 'next big coin' basically talking about the creator of this mega crypto (Larimer)and what he's done. 'But for the low price of $4k, we'll share with you who he is and what his next project is!!' That last one was from a financial newsletter I've been subscribed to…Good info from them, but this crypto ad had me laughing. Cancelled my subscription on the spot.

  14. It’s fine that you provide the articles, but would have been much better if you gave your own analysis and views on the issue. Not giving your own well thought-out opinion is a bit like sitting on the fence.

  15. What a breath of fresh air watching your informed videos, after mistakenly following some shillers. Looking forward to spending more time researching this area.

  16. Neo not even achieving II rank it's kind of b***** in my opinion there is no other platform that is out there and operational and releasing apps. Some ico's even switch from eth to neo… I am holding most of these platforms so I don't have an emotional investment but I really don't get it sorry.

  17. What people forgets is that while they are aiming to be the next Ethereum, they are also challenging each other to the finish line. If competition only involved 1 contender, then it wouldn't be so hard to catch up to Ethereum, but they are all so busy to become the Ethereum Killer that they are killing/hindering each other in the process.

  18. Hey bobby the NEO article was written 4 months ago when the china fud was around. Best to find some of there latest reviews.
    Love your work mate. Cheers

  19. Those articles are pretty in-depth though a little dated now. In my opinion, there's a fundamental flaw in reasoning in those articles. Both DFINITY and Tezos are cited as being the "most disruptive" and have a path to take on Ethereum. A lot of this disruption is based on conjecture. Here is where I disagree. The most disruptive are always the ones that can lay down infrastructure and establish themselves through adoption. This isn't always the most technically advanced. Once a standard is reached, the game is effectively won.

    Though there is room for two or three powerful smaller players in this market. Only the powerful survive.

    In terms of "laying down infrastructure" both NEO and EOS are significant threats to Ethereum. I think EOS infrastructure will build up pretty fast because of the competency and belief in this market in Dan Larimer.

  20. The embarrassing thing about this whole 'Ethereum killer' subject is………….Ethereum sucks…..

    And people are making out that it's going to be tough for other 'rivals' to compete or 'kill' Ethereum.

    Ethereum transacts at 15 transactions per second, charges you to use its platform, and nobody knows if it can scale.

    It isn't that hard to compete, or even kill it. EOS is expected to transact at 20,000TPS from day 1. This is just 3 months away. Projects are moving from Ethereum to EOS now, Bitfinex is building an exchange on EOS.

  21. KryptoKitties slowed ETH down to a crawl. Unless they find a way to massively scale why would anyone want to build their Dapps on such a slow platform?

  22. I think Ethereum is great I just cant see why its worth 900$. I'm assuming smart contracts and other basic functions on their blockchain don't cost an arm and a leg. How much of the coins nominal value is because some investors think its just like bitcoin?

  23. Whilst Neo doesn't seem to have any specific advantage over Ethereum, it shouldn't be behind Tezos as that project still has some big lawsuits against it. I can't see why businesses would trust it enough to want to use it, regardless of the tech.

  24. charles hoskins what about him and cardano???
    it's not his project he have contract with them. he is just marketing for them

  25. Thank you. Good to have some balanced critiques of these contenders. I have to watch that I don't get emotionally biased and stay objective –especially if I am a long term investor and want to support the projects that will have security and decentralization as top priority.

  26. Hi! Thanks u for the info that u share. I m from Argentina and I would like tongo to L.A. Conference on 24 of march, do u know if can i get some discount-ticket? Thanks in advance

  27. How do you "highlight reply" yourself? Does anyone else seriously want to commit acts of violence after these shitheads do drive-by comments and they 'highlight reply' themselves after taking a big shit all over a thread……god damn it!

  28. NEO will be the number one platform by 2020, but ETH will still be up there as the second best. There is room for competition … no-one will be "killed" per se.

  29. Ed Posnak should write another review on NEO today – 4 months after his initial review. I am pretty sure, he will rethink his rather curious assessment that TESOS is "better" or more advanced than NEO. ##laughable

  30. People seem to forget about network effects it's going to be extremely difficult to pry market dominance away from etherum at this point. Radin network already plans to become a scaling fix for the etherum network. Wanchain will allow etherum to inter operate with other block chains in the near future every day there are more and more top end developers creating real solutions to some of etherums short commings.

  31. Only a white paper… challenger. Actual working blockchains pulling in high-level projects, with one a descendant of two blockchains with superior transaction capabilities,… underdog.

  32. U R G E N T !!

    Heya Bobby great vids my friend!

    Can you please do a vid warning people about LIQUI exchange! It’s scamming heaps of people their funds and yet it’s still listed in coin market cap.

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