Coinbase unveils plans to support a new currency: Ethereum Classic! The crypto community has harsh words for EOS amidst bugs and pauses to the chain. Rumors abound that Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun has acquired Bittorrent. Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey announces that Square has received a bitlicense.

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100 thoughts on “EOS MAINNET DISASTER!!!”

  1. Doug Polk is a crypto noob. I can never take him serious when he talks about crypto πŸ˜‚. .welcome back doug polk πŸ‘

  2. EOS is too centralized. Now they are suspending accounts and have mentioned liquidating accounts if they aren't used frequently. Sold all mine with gains..I'll stay with decentralized crypto.

  3. Dude.. Nobody really cares when you make videos.. If the market is dead for the hour… Then chillax.. Lol.. You can't fight a global market.. Lol.. Let the small mind talk.. You just do you bro..

  4. Doug always hating on tron. Lol. I'm gonna buy more. You dont know wtf your talking about. Like your show though.

  5. We've missed you Doug! Its been hard these last few months. People try but they aint got shit on Doug Polk Crypto. Your delivery and perspectives are priceless.

  6. Ethereum Classic seems like the perfect pump and dump scheme. Proceed with caution if you invest in that.

  7. Lol I'm one the the dumb fucks that fell for the verge deal hype πŸ™ why is that justin good still breathing? Hope you die bitch fucking justin vendetta you douche

  8. Eos is already doing 600 ts/s and has no dapps even running off it yet and can scale more than any other project! It was also rated as no 1 as best cryptocurrency by China Electronic Information Industry Development! At least 90% of all projects on ethereum will move over to Eos because it can actually scale!

  9. Doug, EOS had testnets up and running for months. EOS Dawn 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. You should really do your research on a topic rather than just regurgitating FUD from haters, so you don't spread misinformation.

    First it was an ERC-20 Scam token that would never be honored.. Snapshot taken and honored.
    Then it was a scam coin with with no mainnet.. Mainnet launched.
    Then it was a shitcoin that would never reach 15% vote from the community.. Vote reached.
    Now it's ________?

    EOS is here to stay, the block producer + dPoS governance model may not appeal to everyone, but it IS commercial ready and applicable. Multiple networks can co-exist. As much as I love Ethereum, as a developer I know in its current state it isn't suitable for fullscale dApps, EOS is.

  10. Still spreading fud about Verge I see, every other example is stuff dead in the water, or that supoman idiot always saying I'm into the best coin ever but I can't say…

  11. Hey Doug, what ever happened to that $100,000 challenge where you let your viewers pick some crypto? Maybe that is a bigger reason why you bailed on this channel? Just sayin…

  12. I've had no serious issues with coinbase… it does take like 5-6 days to see your deposited money in the exchange though

  13. Yo Doug i love your videos. I think you should keep the doig polk crypto channel alive. You have a sort entertainment value while still telling it straight.

  14. It's best for bugs to showup early than later on down the road. Some of the biggest software companies like Microsoft have bugs and been in business for decades. They constantly update and improve their OS. Shit isn't gonna be smooth from the start lol remember what they said about eth when they started

  15. You say u know nothing about EOS but title the video EOS mainnet disaster.. no doubt u didn’t have content for over a month. Smh

  16. So you dont know much about EOS and are not interested in it but you have a title which states "EOS MAINNET DISASTER!!!" – just fuck off mate. stick to poker, you muppet

  17. Bitcoin supporters: "Bitcoin should not be used a currency. It's a store of value."

    Bitcoin supporters: "Bitcoin will be the currency of the Internet."

    I sure hope they get Lightning working where you don't have to pay to open a channel with every new person and that somehow it doesn't become centralized. Until then, I find the double speak very confusing.

  18. Doug should do a video about IOTA and itΒ΄s Qubic. Since here are mostly Americans who basicly know BTC and ETH and call any other coin a scam, a video like that would educate those a lot.

  19. Dough, check GoChain mate! A competitor of EOS with Mainnet running, just listed on KuCoin and undervalued

  20. I thought craig from bitconnect had beaten you out of crypto. Glad you're back. But another channel? Make up your mind lol

  21. Dude I gotta say I like you're style, and I've watched your video before, but you're info is wrong. Test nets were out on EOS in Dec 2017. Source: I'm part of eosDAC and our team was part of the very first testnet.

    Also, testnets were on-going all the way through Jungle right up until launch. Also before launch there were over 600 Devs from around the world working to audit for security bugs.

    The "freeze" was actually built into the software to protect the blockchain, the feature allows EOS to keep its integrity, and then keep going (similar to Toyota's famous practice of stopping everything in the factory when something is found out of place.) The problem was then solved in a few hours (Michael on our team dropped what he was doing to jump in and help ) and everything was back up with no data loss. It definitely wasn't a great thing, and it sucks that it did freeze, but I'd hardly call that a disaster.

    You've got a lot of misinformation in this video regarding EOS, I hope you make more videos, but please check your information before you make stuff that will go out to 200k subscribers. You can always jump on our telegram and ask questions to get the real info before you make your video.

    Btw! Love that you added FFVII Tifa's theme. I've got a recording of myself playing it with a viola on my main YouTube channel. I'm a massive FFVII fan.

  22. It isn't correct that EOS launched without a testnet. CryptoLions has been running the Jungle Testnet since April

  23. Doug stick to poker. U suck ass! Why talk about EOS if you are just reading what others are saying. Do your own research before making any you tube videos. How about talking about the 100k you invested on coins.

  24. Hi Doug it would be nice if you could do a busting video about BitClub, this shit is even cancering around in Germany now and three of my no coiner buddys already fell for it. Would be nice if you could rip it apart like good ol Bitconneeeect.

  25. Jackson Palmer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Plagiarism and open source coexist right?! Grrrrrrrr!!!! Justin Sun is so good at marketing his businesses in a gorilla style, that you just can't stand!! Lol it works though. Especially with the way people think now.

  26. EOS makes Ethereum look like an Atari 2600. EOS will overtake Bitcoin as the number one cryptocurrency. EOS is more decentralized than 90% of existing cryptocurrencys. EOS is revolutionary and will catapult blockchain technology into mass adoption. Β EOS is 10 years ahead of it's time and too complicated for most to understand at this point. Welcome to the future.

    Bitcoin tip jar:


  27. Glad you are back man. I was worried, everybody knows there's some dangerous people in crypto out there.

  28. Yet, had BCH been dumped buy one for one recipients your entire argument would be moot and you would be hating from another angle.

  29. I traded my EOS for ETC. In 8 days it will be exactly 1 month since the 4 Billion dollar Eos launch started and so far we have no live main-net, only 1 air drop from the dozens promised and no news directly from eos. ETC has a life main net, is going up in price even on red days and isn't disappearing like Larimer when things get real.

  30. The headline of your video is deceiving and seems like your just trying to get clicks do some real research. Help the crypto community

  31. I need to see one real world working example of crypto improving lives, or solving problems. 1,500 coins and tokens. Hundreds of billions in market cap. 9 years in, and we don't have a single real world example.

  32. The xvg partneship WAS lifechanging, having 15 pimped out characters in VR f*** dolls is pretty ***** lifechanging pal…

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