EOS Deep Dive – King Crypto In 2018?

The EOS ICO phase is lasting until June 2018 to give it a wide distribution and give everyone a chance to participate. If the past is any indicator of the future then we see that Dan Larimer’s work with BitShares and the STEEM blockchain has really paved the way for EOS to be the #1 crypto in the future. It is my assessment that what will take over the king of the crypto mountain will be a platform simply because a platform has the potential to play the peer to peer digital cash role as well as service decentralize applications and will also have the ability to provide the crowd-funding / ICO role that Ethereum has provided.

In the end developers will gravitate toward the system that offers free transactions and the capacity to support real world applications.

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25 thoughts on “EOS Deep Dive – King Crypto In 2018?”

  1. EchoLink (EKO) has Wanchain president, Dustin Byington a strategic advisor for this new token. Do you believe, when a coin or token has a big name like this they are just name dropping or this advisor has a significant role in the coin’s technology? This new token just came on market today at a good price with a low total supply.

  2. Wow, amazing video Super Brian, thanks for taking the time and energy to post it. Question, you said that EOS would be one of the three coins you would hold if you had to only hold three coins. What are the other two coins? 975K total subs in 2018 : )

    1. Nice! A couple of the things I found out in my research is causing me to even load up more. I'm thinking of going way heavier than I initially was. I was feeling good about being way in the money and didn't want to pull my average up but I might have to just forget about that and go deeper.

  3. This is probably the best video i have seen on EOS. Very well explained the entire story and your reasnoning for why this could be the big deal. thanks!
    btw what are your top 3 for the year or for long term?

    1. Yeah, just even seeing some of info I found in doing the additional research made me want to go in even heavier myself.

  4. The only reason it was decided to do the ICO on the Ethereum platform was because that is what people were used to and it was one of the main platforms to do an ICO on that were added to the exchanges with fiat parings.

    That allows a wide distribution while the development is completed and after June 2018 it will be on its own blockchain when the main net launches. That made more sense then doing a Proof of Work phase like what was done with STEEM.

    1. I'm planning on doing one in around May because I know in the future people are going to be asking about that and I don't want to try to point them back to a video from awhile back if something changes with the situation.

  5. Hey Brian I had a question. I hear people saying "oh eos is gonna be 1k by 2019 no doubt blah blah" and I do like eos! But realistically if ethereum is at 1k now and has a total supply of I believe 100mill, and eos has a total of 1billion, wouldn't the realistic estimate be $100-$150 tops? Or am I looking at this wrong?

    1. Also with a market cap of 8b already its at $10 so it would need roughly 800b market cap to be 1k? I'm new if I am completely wrong I appreciate the info I just saw eos and decided to look up some videos about it

  6. Brian Phobos Hi Brian I have heard you have to register your EOS tokens is this true? If so how do you do this?. And would you still have to register them if bought through an exchange like Binance?

    1. The only reason it is an ERC20 token right now is because people were used to the ICO setup with Ethereum and they had to have a way to get a wide distribution during the ICO phase. When the main net launches in 2018 it will be on its own blockchain which will have the capabilities listed in the video leaving Ethereum in the dust.

    1. I'm glad you like the video. Doing the additional research for the video made me feel like I needed to go a lot heavier into EOS and also some more research I did after the video makes me even think this more so. I'm practically ready to forget about a lot of my other positions and just go deep on EOS. If it becomes a main artery of crypto like Ethereum has become but can do hundreds of thousands or millions of transactions / second then this could open the door to so many real world applications to be put on the blockchain and everyone will gravitate toward developing on that platform.

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