Daily Update (5/21/2018) | Will Bitcoin break above $9,000?

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100 thoughts on “Daily Update (5/21/2018) | Will Bitcoin break above $9,000?”

  1. Hey nick, what about Unibright? I think your viewers should be aware of that before it does parabolic run after Hackathon with Microsoft.

  2. Nick I wish you would continue to draw out the "2018"; I know people hated it but I found it amusing XD
    Anyway, keep up the great work!

  3. Nick, more than 40% of EOS volume is from USD pairs. EOS has bounced off the 50 day MA on the EOS/USD chart, what do you think about that?

  4. Nick clearly isn't going to buy EOS, he's way too cautious, it won't hit the 50 day moving average, it's on the verge of breakout with 11 days to go until launch.

  5. yeah,it seems like it could…NOT!spreading false hope much?jesus by this point i just wish for it to crash the fuck down so we know the bottom is in finally.Is there any reason why bitcoin would pump now?What has changed?Nothing.

  6. Tether crash will be the "big one" crash of 2018, and market cap will collapse back down to ~$100mil
    everything has grown too fast and there's too much manipulation and wash trading. Some things have to fall apart for better things to be built in their place. Bitcoin will fall with it, and ethereum will replace it. By 2020 ETH will have nearly 500bil market cap by itself.

  7. We're in an equilibrium pattern on the weekly timeframe, I'd expect a break pretty soon though as it's getting really tight and volume is steadily declining

  8. I visited Moscow and they do indeed have a lot if entrepreneurial talented people there. Higher educatiom is encouraged and revered as intelligentsia status there. I am not surprised in the least that they lead as icos hub

  9. Only 10 days on the EOS chart before unregistered tokens are worthless. Don’t think there is time for your bounce mate.

  10. Big fan of yours! Definitely keeping an eye on the impact of Tether on price action. As well as TrueUSD and other stablecoins about to enter the market – actually, I think you should focus more time on this topic in future videos

  11. Please do more to help everyday people access Crypto, as we stand the public are being severely stifled by Banks / Mainstream Media

  12. Crypto Spark and Ivan on tech present great free vids on trends that educate daily from how the beliefs are overcoming actual tech. Advances are fast but hype is also

  13. Can anyone recommend altcoin trading channels similar to Data Dash? People who look at the TA of many coins every day?

  14. Hey Nick, how about some more information regarding Unibright? Also a video on how to start using IDEX, the platform where it's only being traded right now, would be helpful. Thanks again for the great content and have a good one!

  15. I don't think BTC above $9k is a signal for a bull market, the 200 moving average resistance at $10k seems key to break above and then onto $12k..only then will it be safe to say the bulls have returned

  16. Thanks for the good work.What change on the charts on the different exchanges? Icon on Binance Neo on Bitfinex??? Be bless

  17. Slow bleed to 5 or 6K range there is just no more momentum and shorts to squeeze to get past 9.5 in my opinion. And a tether scandal would rock the market

  18. Hi ,did you know about a platform that does bitcoin investment and Minning they can get you up to 0.5 btc(4.105,04. USD)
    Daily,without any payment or any fee or charges..Email them via Cryptocyberx@gmail.com and join this platform today and start Minning

  19. Thanks for the update – you should put a stuffed animal or something funny in your light fixtures behind you. Maybe change it out every so often. Keep the content coming!!!! – thx

  20. As a brand new investor learning as I go it is a bit nerve wracking seeing the money sit and spin each day but I am confident in the few coins I decided to put money into so just trying to focus on the long term. Thank you for all the great informative videos DataDash, I really appreciate it and have learned a lot going back through your past videos.

  21. I find it funny everyone saying "financial institutions are chasing to get in". Lol. Youre crazy if you think they werent in it from the start or shortly after. Do you think theyre idiots?

  22. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Great content man!! I couldn't but it better myself regarding USDT. Great analysis, well explained 👏

  23. What happened to the live stream from this past weekend? I was only able to pop in for a bit and was looking forward to watching the rest.

  24. Hey Nick, can you please do a video on what your plan is ( portfolio % / if you will just move everything into btc etc ) for when the ETFs happen?
    Thanks for all your hard work bro!!

  25. People want a bull run so they aren't selling, that's the smart thing to do. Stop shorting your self. Keep price solid, create news, price will go up

  26. BTC will break $10,000 next time, it's like a catapult the more it pull back the more further away it hits.

  27. Good video, but one of your comments is confusing to me. You said you don't believe in market manipulation, followed by tether printing more money is most likely the cause of bitcoin rising.
    Isn't that manipulation???

  28. That is an interesting theory, if you can prove tether inflation manipulates the,price of,Bitcoin.

    If this were so, why would that work?

  29. We need new fresh money. Coin jumping chasing gains . Traders market ride a coin up 20% then bottom fish to the next.. repeat.. works great
    Kirbs 🤑🤑

  30. Would it be possible to look at Aion in the daily update time to time? 🙂 Looks like a solid project.

  31. Why do you have your head over the chart. I think it is more important to look at what you are talking about then to see you. If you think it is more important to see you, move the screen to the opposite side.

  32. Nick, I would like to see you using the ichimoku Indicator, let me just say that i enjoy you're trading tips videos and i learned everything i know today from them and would like to learn more from you.
    Lets take this shit to the next level !

  33. Nick, about the Russia angle. Did you happen to catch the VICE HBO piece on Blockchain & Vitalik Buterin? it talks about the road map for Russia dominance in the blockchain/ crypto currency space. straight up saying the they feel that the US won the internet and this time around their goal is to "win" and totally dominate the Blockchain/ crypto space. its pretty much the new " arms race".

  34. To your question, in case bitcoin will break above 9,000$ it's going to be temporally…
    Be prepare, if big corporate investors will ever come, then they'll for sure sell bitcoin to make more money them self … forget that they will ever buy this market and make you guys rich! they are not crazy!! they know small investors are buying all the time up until now, so they are going to sell it!!! can't you see it?!? they are going to suck this market up with their sell ETF orders….. really sad

  35. Hey Nick, thank you very much for the daily update and the news you brought about Tether..

    The only question is: everyboday was very optimistic about the outcome of Consensus except for the MARKET……..

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