Daily Update (5/18/2018) | Could Tether soon be replaced?

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81 thoughts on “Daily Update (5/18/2018) | Could Tether soon be replaced?”

  1. Any Coin like that is a problem.

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  2. i was only listening to the vid and in the meantime writing some emails for work, all of a sudden i hear that NEO skit..first reaction was…UNDERTAKER IS THAT YOU!

  3. The price action on TUSD isn't much of a mystery. Bots will blindly buy up any pair that they see on binance and that's what happened.

  4. Tusd just ponzi, to give black money also the option to swap.
    Qash Liquid is gonna be the world Standard and replaced Derivates.
    Don’t let your future walk away!

  5. I’d like to see you be the 1st YouTuber to mention decred. I have no position in it but following it for the last couple years that is one resilient coin and nobody talks about it. Is there a reason why?

  6. i am a beginner i got in contact with Chris dunn TV ( chrisdunnstrategy@gmail.com ) he make the process very simple and understanding for starters reach out to him if you are new to this

  7. where is the LTC? and I heard da hong fe (Neo's founder) kicked out of Neo do you know anything about it? I want to know if thats true

  8. Too many cooks in the kitchen at cardano. Their scientific scholarly peer review whatever approach moves at a snails pace and in crypto people want daily announcements and tangible(irony?) progress. Thus ADA will continue to dump and offer quite a bargain if you have a few years to wait to realize significant gains

  9. You know how hard it is to have a teeny little bit of cash ready to buy some btc and yet it flirts with your desired buy point but doesnt hit the mark and then turns up the other way??? I dont have the discipline for this…..plan b (doritos, pepsi and B&Js new york super fudge chunk) is looking better everyday i wait

  10. When you say e.g. Bitcoin closing below 8k USD. Do you mean one of the 1D candles in your chart to show closing below 8k USD? Also, what's the cycle behind a 1D candle, which time/market does it start and close with?

  11. That BTC dominance is clearly lifting. Lets not forget, we are still 20x higher in price than at the same time in 2016. Looking at that time frame, we are at the top of a bearish trend

  12. Could you possibly also cover the coins like NEO EOS and ETH in USD along with the BTC analysis and to an extent cover how the net effect of the btc charts would effect dollar prices based on our BTC targets since the market still revolves around btc price action

  13. Thanks for all your videos! Great content. I've been subscribed and watching your videos for around 18 months and always get excited when a new video comes out! Please review QUANTSTAMP on your next video. Thanks πŸ™‚

  14. Did you see the possible sell of of 8200 BTC by Mt. Gox again. These same sales seemed to cause the Jan/Feb/Mar crash. And, if it's true (google "gox 8200" for the last week), it seems this throws all of the TA out the window. Thoughts?

  15. Bitcoin isn't the source of liquidity that it used to be. Once more alts can be bought with coins like ETH and LTC or even fiat, BTC it's main purpose will deplete.

  16. Can you talk about TRX? Don"t hear you talk about TRX much but it seems like they could use some attention since they are one of the major players. Also their chart looks interesting right now, they have been holding in this dip and they have their main net coming out soon.

  17. Sorry to say Nicolas, but you have no skill in technical analysis at all. You are great on the tech and you know a lot about the coins and whats going on in the world, but thats about it. I hear you say that we are all waiting for bitcoins direction, and thats true, but the break is not about $8000 or $9000. Bitcoin is now forming an equilibrium pattern on its weekly time frame and its all about a break of $6500 or $10000 what will determine the state of bitcoin for the rest of the year. Currently we are forming a higher low on the pattern, and everything above $6500 is still a higher low. The same go's for the upside, a break of $9000 sais nothing, it would still be a lower high. Only with a break of 10000 we know for sure it will go to the upside and that it will be a bull market for the rest of the year. Anyways, you're good at your thing aswell, just dont want people to go buy in at $9100 when we could likely see another lower high forming first, go back to $8000 and then get a clear break. But do whatever you want its just some advice from some1 who really uses technical analysis

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  19. EOS has recieved millions og ETH during ICO. Do you think that EOS will dump
    the price on ETH by selling them all when ICO ends?

  20. Why did you remove the video yesterday ?
    U said something about when you started crypto and about that coin.. and that coin hadn't been around for long?
    why did you remove that video when ?

  21. Thanks for all your videos. I was hoping you could make a video about when you should just cut your losses and sell a coin/token ? Specifically, what signs do you look for to tell you that a project is dead?

  22. Love the work you do man, many thanks for sharing. I am interested in data protection and online security and Peer Mountain looks like a great project. Can you do a review?

  23. Nick glad you covered this. I am former Financial Analyst, Advisor, and Stockbroker with business degree. I spent 4 months, and 100's of hours, working on my own cryptocurrency to replace USDT. It is near impossible to do any crypto business legally ($2 million needed just for US state licensing/bonds, and legal fees). Before I launched next phase I came across TrueCoin. These guys did it right! An amazing job. They solved so many issues that I could not overcome. Better than what I could do, so I stopped my project. They are actually getting their individual state Money Services Business licenses, to be legal. Fantastic. Legal. Audited. No counter- party risk. KYC/AML off-loaded to the banks. They have their profiles posted. No hiding out like Tether. Beautifully executed. Stanford team with Google and other backing. I hope they steamroll Tether, which I researched to be a sham, in my opinion. (I originally loved Tether until I researched.) If Tether and Bitfinex were in the real US stock market world and regulated, there would be massive jail time for those pulling the shenanigans that I discovered. There is a reason they were subpoenaed and disallowed from selling Tethers to US citizens, and their Auditor is no longer with Tether. I hope True coin gains market share to stabilize the crypto market if the market ever reacts to Tether, the way they should have reacted already. Glad the public has not, because the crypto fallout would be horrible and unavoidable, as Tether pairings are all over the place. Thank goodness for TrueCoin. And I give thanks for you as well. Keep the great crypto education coming to us all!

  24. The coins and ICO Nick recommend may get better later, but you should never buy them at that moment when Nick recommend.

  25. Why do enter the crypto market with BTC ? I onky use ETH. Feel i pay enough fees on Coinbase all ready. So the extra fee using BTC over ETH is not worth it. Hope everyone dump BTC so the alts are not so dependent on its movements.

  26. The point of a stable coin isn't to make money, it's to retain wealth. A stable coin would work like a money market in traditional markets, a safe place to put gains when the market is going against you.I look forward to a true stable coin entering the space.

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