10 thoughts on “Crypto trading commentary on my bike – July 2017”

  1. I have been a member for 2 months now at Lumbridgecity's paid course i came here with no knowledge at all about Cryptos and trading in General.The Forum has helped me to progress as a trader,i could not wish a better place for my Trading Journal,and now i can take profitable Trades by myself.Believe me you won't have to google anything about Cryptos at all ,you have everything in the forum .-Goldone from CryptoTeen

    1. I greatly appreciate your keenness @cryptoteen you are an important part of what makes our community the great place it is!

    1. I'm busted! Thanks for the note @ytarcarc Webinar Three is nearly ready, but it is not complete yet. I'll get 'er done and will email everyone who took webinar 2!

    1. Very happy you are seeking out Webinar Three!! It is nearly complete – but – before I release it, I'm upgrading the website theme… so it will be a few more days. Many apologies for the delay!

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