Crypto Happy Hour – BTC and Alts Rise – Feb 19th Edition

Bitcoin has hit $11,000 and for the time being, has held above the mark. Not only is Bitcoin moving in a positive direction, the altcoin market is mostly positive. Grab a brew, water, coffee, whiskey and let’s relax and shoot the ish talking about Bitcoin, altcoins and all of your other Q&A.

Hey, it’s 5pm somewhere in the crypto world right?

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42 thoughts on “Crypto Happy Hour – BTC and Alts Rise – Feb 19th Edition”

  1. Thank you so much for your suggestion regarding the Brave browser, I am loving it!! Great team and vision also, I have been doing some research on the Brave team / product.. it is very impressive 🙂

  2. Iot chain ITC This is a no brainer. Cutting edge Tech (DAG), expedentially growing market (IOT), biggest iot producer (China), Low MC, Low Supply, huge VC investments (Hashed and FBG), partners in targeted areas (Lighting and Chip manufacturer. Operating Systemwhich makes it easy for all business to implement. Keeps linked iot devices secure from attacks through nodes(Lights), segregates DATA and gives back to the rightful owner. This coin currently is not marketed to the west, is on no big exchanges. DAG technology is being implemented by few projects and the ones that are, are worth 100s of millions or multi billion $ projects. in 6 months this company will be worth well over a $1 billion placing the coin value at between $25 – $70 (currently $2.80. Really look at this one

    Also the team is excellent and it just won awards at the world economic forum, the team claims to be 6 months ahead of schedule, yellow paper is out, open source, over 12K members on telegram, medium is very active, git hub has over 10,000 lines of code.

    Love to know your thoughts

  3. "You're asking to be murdered by the SEC" !? WTF!? More power to them. The SEC owes the crypto community more than an apology.

  4. I just ignore all my fork cashes and maybe someday I'll find them in my cyber couch cushions and they'll be worth a bagillion dolllars.

  5. Hey Bobby, love your show! I am working with Michael Stollaire (CEO Titanium) and he would love to be on your show. If you would like to contact him for an interview let me know. Keep up the good work!

  6. I am currently holding
    • Sub (Decentralized Internet),
    • Data (Google adwords),
    • Airswap (Decentralized Exchange),
    • Kyber Network (ETH founder is advisor) and
    • Theta Token (Youtube and Twitch founders are advisors)

  7. btw, if you gained Litecoin Cash, from the fork.. there was nice profit to be made on the first day.. worth the effort if you were holding ltc.

  8. Hey Bobby, quick question. What exchange do you recommend for getting USD into crypto in Minnesota? GDAX doesn't work here, but Coinbase does… Thanks

  9. Hello Bobby! I started following you on Twitter and now I'm here watching your video! =) Well, I'd like to know your opinion about the privacy coins. What do you think about Monero, DeepOnion and others?
    *I could not download Brave, the link is in trouble.

  10. We need to stay in reality. Honestly, hearing your thoughts on Ethos make me a little sad. I really want to see them achieve everything and more and deliver on the promises perfectly. In reality I share your thoughts and for that reason, as much as I love the concept, I am not invested (yet) 💪🏼

  11. Unfortunately alts have not been rising. They are all in the red when you look at the bitcoin comparative which is what actually matters. They have been going down for weeks pretty relentlessly, across the board.

  12. Justin Sun would have to be some scam artist if their project is smoke and mirrors and less about actual development. From their tech team and Justins streams it seems like they are working hard on producing an actual platform. Big ambitions with roughly 100 emplyees so far and plans to open up multible offices around the world with several hundred more employees this year. A beta net that is set to launch in less than a mont etc. Unless of course it's all just a big lie!? If that's the case then I'll loose a little money, but nothing alarming. For now I still see a potential in TRX though

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