Conviction Vs Diversification – BTC Price, CFTC Regulations, TZero + Security Tokens – Ep201

With BTC showing lots of indecision it’s important to setup a strategy that works for the NEXT big opportunity that comes your way. Also talking about how the space is evolving and how it’s going to impact your coin selection.


Video With Chris Dunn:
BTC Volatility:
CFTC Press Release:

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65 thoughts on “Conviction Vs Diversification – BTC Price, CFTC Regulations, TZero + Security Tokens – Ep201”

  1. Please research RAVENCOIN, apparently securities platform funded by same team as t zero and polymath. Would like your opinion. Thanks.

  2. I always watch at .25x speed because Carter sounds like some excited drunk dude slurring his words that took too many shots of Fireball that started talking to me at a party as soon as I mention something crypto related.

  3. You really did a fantastic job on this video man. Very well captured the macro environment. I can see why you have so many followers. Very well done!

  4. Are you still bullish on Litecoin ? It's been a long time since you haven't showed some interest to it

  5. Good stuff! Internal Money sloshing around in the crypto tank.. No new Real Money..3rd 4th quarter hope

  6. Glad to have you back Carter I watch your videos everyday and really enjoy your analysis on the markets and news. I am learning a lot and keep up the great work.

  7. Regulation is pretty vacuous and it does not stop financial crime. Its not credible that governments are trying to prevent people getting scammed, they are not "nannies", they are flesh-loving carnivores out to game the system, with their usual grossly unfair advantage. Its the total anti-thesis of everything that Crypto stands for.

  8. Sounds like they really plan to screw the little guy like me. It sounds like they are going to make an ico such a hassle that only rich people that want to see me die. Like they have since they made a college education a slaves training program and not an education. Thank you my mind is made up I’m leaving the United States asap. I’m not a slave. I’m leaving. See that article Russia and China use crypto to offset us sanctions. The Bible May be true. America may be fucked. I hate the Bible. But if the Bible just like charts is about human emotion I’m on the side of getting out of here before we get bombed and emp’d for our greed as a nation.

  9. Crypto is dead . Nothing will happen for 2 years . Sell before January so you dont get caught in that dump . They only thing keeping crypto pumping is traders and bots . Easy money for the pros no matter how low the price gets .

  10. I'm wondering how it would be just as bad if the market goes way down, then suddenly back up as it would the reverse? If it goes way down I'm going to stock up on all my faves. If it then suddenly goes up then I'll experience big price spikes on what I just bought. How can this be a bad thing?

  11. Isn't Asia big enough to support its pet coins that don't get approved by the SEC and therefore can't be traded by Americans?

  12. Consensus had NO affect on the market. Most FUD and conferences (unless there is some really important news that is announced) is immaterial. Everyone has already caught on that this is the case. When the market tanks no one believes it's because someone outside that community talks bad about crypto.

  13. Hello everyone
    Can someone give me an advice on that matter?
    A guy called “Ronnie Moas” charge his subscribers about $600 per year and in return he sends them lists of the good coins also he send them notes when the market is about to go down so they can sell right away and then re-buy at the bottom
    Does anyone advise me to join him? Any other alternative way to get information about the good coins and when the market will go down or up?

  14. What about decentralized exchanges? I don’t think privacy coins will care about American security laws.

  15. Hey Carter!! Great Videos! It seems like the more you learn and research you are becoming more open to becoming an XRP fan (I think you said "we gotta find ways to play ball with regulators", is that right?? but shh, like everyone else, gotta keep denying it for 'reasons' :)) Regardless keep, it is awesome to have someone like you provide much needed education. Thanks for doing that!

  16. Great Video! Regulations will weed out all the pretenders from the contenders. If you have a legit product that solves a problem then it will speak for itself.

  17. Can you do a video explaining what we need to do to stop this trend of seciritizing/ centralizing the cryptocurrency?

  18. It will be quite interesting to see which exchanges will choose to follow the regulatory 'procession of Echternach' (proverb meaning 2 steps forward, 3 backward) and which ones will take the arguable path of least resistance, and move to crypto safehavens with or without their human capital. And I am no trader, but won't this allow for arbitrage opportunities to occur?

  19. There is a misconception that if it hits the bottom of the triangle it bounces back up. I have never personally seen that, its either has to break up, or spill down,

  20. Great job Carter. Had been anticipating the regulation of exchanges, that's why I dropped Monero, no confidence the regulators will allow privacy coins. Backing stratis, powerledger and lumens.. all are kosher

  21. Man, all those regulations will kill crypto innovation in the US as long as other countries have fewer crypto regulations.

  22. Thanks so much, really appreciate your videos. You always seem unphased by whatever is going on. Good place to be 🙂

  23. Hey Carter, from your research can you point me to companies doing a good job hiring talent? Couldn't agree more on that importance.

  24. interesting that patrick byrnes (overstock ceo) pet project RVN is fundamentally a way to tokenize assets, the tzero news could be pointing towards a use case for RVN…any thoughts?

  25. Man, this is crazy. Now you are saying regulation is good and the way it’s got to be? GTFO. Did you meet with your zionist handler in NYC or something. Man you are a disappointment. Have some balls and say f&ck this corrupt evil system. What’s the point of having a platform and such a large audience if you’re only going to encourage obedience to the state?

  26. Holding DB Puts from last year! Next Financial crisis is being kept quiet. If you thought Lehman Chapter 11 was bad, imagine how far the Euro will fall, and the bank stocks if DB causes a systemic financial meltdown! They will try to put a positive spin tomorrow, but the stock IMO will be under $7 soon. "Too BIG to Survive"

  27. The only people still regularly winning in crypto are the manipulators. Almost everyone else left in the game are the delusional bagholders who think popped bubbles can 'actually' re-inflate, or that they can read the market. HA!! Good luck all. You're mind won't accept those facts I imagine, Corey. The chances of making real money in crypto for the average person ENDED in December. Pack it up. Move on

  28. Knowing the right moment to strike an investment call is very paramount, that comes with expert experience and Mrs Wilson has it all and you get to her through her mail <<wilsonkatie763@gmailcom>> and thank me later

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