Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Capital Gains Tax Report

Live step by step – how I use to track the profits and losses in my cryptocurrency trading on Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex and many others! Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Capital Gains Tax Report

Tutorial of

– Cryptocurrency Profit and Loss Tracking
– Tax reports detailing capital gains and losses

28 thoughts on “ Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Capital Gains Tax Report”

    1. good idea for a tutorial. I will be resetting my data and demonstrate how to import a wallet and how to connect the API from Poloniex too

  1. Thank you very much. I could do the API data transfer from different exchanges and ETH wallet however I can't do it from BTC wallet. It is so complicated 🙁 I'm looking forward to watching your presentation on this matter. Thanks again.

  2. Quick question : CoinTracking info uses FIFO as one of the methods of calculation when you request a tax report on their platform. FIFO usually is for US citizens. You said you filed your taxes in Canada. Does Canada allow FIFO as a method of calculation or do you have to go with the ACB? (Average cost basis) which cointrackinginfo does not have as an option for the moment. Would love your input on this. Thank you

  3. It is no help unless the costs are converted to USD from satoshis on the days that they were traded. Satoshis are no help for IRS. I would need to know what the dollar value is for every trade. It is impossible to know what the prices are

    1. the reports give you all that data for every trade… I'll be doing a video about it shortly as I'm doing my tax report preparation now too. I expect I'll be paying a whopping good tax bill this year!!

  4. I want to probably sign up for the pro account they have, but I see that the base is in Europe and it doesn’t give me the option (or I couldn’t find it) for US dollars. How do I get the trades downloaded in US $.? It is the only way I can do my taxes.

  5. Question: Where does CoinTracking show the capital gains (or loss) for each coin? Would love to be able to see this.

  6. Coin tracking has problems. It shows my Eth. as a negative. I upload transactions from Coinbase. it said it was successful but nothing shows from coinbase. It deducts the amount of Litecoin I have in Binance from the amount on trezor. It is all screwed up.

    1. Yeah I have no clue how I'm supposed to clean this mess up, 10 exchanges, hundreds of addresses, most I don't know anymore. Uh, nightmare

    2. I'm dredging through all the FAQ, and getting some things figured out – will do more vids when I have answers and can show it in nice steps. The main thing for me is I have btc deposits into my polo account that have no record of where it came from – so then all the alts I bought with that btc are flagged with a warning because it was bought with btc that is not correctly accounted for. Wish I would have taken some bookkeeping courses!! blaaa

    3. My ETH displayed a warning (yellow /! icon) alerting me of a negative balance. I purchased ETH through Coinbase. The problem is when importing Coinbase API you might see duplicate withdrawals. One from Coinbase and the other from GDAX since they are basically the same exchange. I made a backup of my entry's. Then I reviewed and manually deleted each GDAX withdrawal that had same time/date stamp and qty of ETH. After that my ETH balance was positive. I still have some manual edits, but closer to the actual value.

  7. Any thoughts on how secure it is giving a website access to api keys for exchanges or wallets we use? Potential to withdraw any funds at any given time?

    1. I never give an API the rights to trade or withdraw. I feel that any extra connection like that is just another way for hackers to get in.

  8. It is not your laziness that the figures are wrong. Don't take the blame for the software's shortfalls. In fairness, I should add that they have a big challenge coordinating things especially since some aspects (like the APIs) are not under their control.

  9. I sure am glad to find you. I am scouring the interwebs for tutorials on how to adjust the entries so that the reporting is not completely and wildly erroneous. A viedo, a forum, anything. Your cool video to shows some of what Contracking is SUPPOSED to do, and I learned a few things – thanks. I have spent many many hours on this and can't get the balances to reflect reality. As mentioned, the API does not import deposits or withdrawals from GDAX as well as other idiosyncrasies. Also, according to customer service, the software provides tax info ~OR~ (not "and") accurate trading balances since they are calculated differently. There are MANY other promised features that just don't pan out for me – not yet anyway. I really wish they would. Where is a user forum? Maybe YOU are my answer. Customer service will no longer accept my questions because I have asked too many…. they told me: "management thinks we reached a limit of time and effort you have cost the customer service." One rep promised to help me when I only had 160 trades – he left me hanging unable to make ANY trades for an entire week then backed out!!! Said he was too busy.They boast 111,000 users. At $100 a pop, that's $11 mil. Not quite enough profit for adequate customer service, I guess. However foolish, I have not given up trying to make the program work. I paid for two years. Even though they offered a refund, I really really REALLY want it to work AS ADVERTISED…Are there ANY other comparable TRACKING programs? I can't find anything that holds a candle to this (pun intended) (I've got the charting, and don't mind trading directly on exchanges – I need tracking records)

    1. Nice, what are you into mining? and what is your other channel? I'm really loving making content and I'm glad you enjoyed it as well.

  10. Can you help me with an error I get in cointracking – "There are no suitable trades for 51 sales, please check your entered trades". I have imported the desposits and withdrawals as instructed from binance but the total gain is way too high and the tax is way too high and incorrect and I think it has to do with that warning. However, I can't seem to fix it.

    1. I get the same thing – and working on cleaning it up – the reason is likely that you have not entered all of your crypto transactions. If you have a bitcoin deposit to your account without accounting for where it was sent from, then all the alts you buy with that new bitcoin will create an error message because they are being purchased with bitcoin that came 'out of nowhere'.I know this does not answer the question of how to fix it. I'm currently researching the very same thing, and will have an update when I get the hang of it.

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