BULLRUN!?! Which coins should we buy now?

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97 thoughts on “BULLRUN!?! Which coins should we buy now?”

  1. Want to get some Litecoin contracts where are they? and why Genesis don't offer more

  2. Im really nervous about buying Funfair,idk it seems pumped right now but is it actully a solid coin with purpose that will withstand the test of time?Not sure about that but well,what do i know.

  3. XBY (Xtra bytes) is looking good- Pretty decent road map. A lazy 0.04LTC on it wouldn't hurt LLzDFFsKX8vZ8zi2FCfKRZZeSWeAgDGkjc

  4. Yet another great live stream. Can you suggest if Genesis is any good for the Monero contracts? Just curious since that's all that's left. LXhJ63ee824dnfZP7tBXq2aueqk1e8BonW

  5. why are the values of top coins not increasing…is it better to shift on altcoins… ltc-Lc4K4SUQt43GuuX1tQUuYMf3Adhvv4HT3e

  6. Im always a fan of LTC but i think some smaller ones like ADA are gonna boom the charts LKjCYuq6U2JNqTwJswunHhCm1FaG9VvD8Q

  7. Sunny love your channel been following your channel for some time now and let me tell you your one of the best out there keep the great work up and with regards with your video people sould be investing into cryptos as much as there can afford to lose. It is a new world out there and people need to be cafeful with their funs.


  8. whats your projection this 2018 with btc? and do you think bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold would go up just like bitcoin?
    thank in advance!

  9. I believe the price is fluctuating, but what makes you think it will keep going up? I'm afraid that government regulation could affect it significantly.


  10. It is always great to have a diversified portfolio so I feel the top 20 currencies like Verge, Ripple could do very well.
    LTC address:

  11. Great video, thanks for sharing. DavorCoin to the moon🚀🔥👌 2018 hold, diversify!

  12. I really think you work harder than the average person in a week. Keep up the good work Sunny!

  13. psychological fridays seem to be typical form what i’ve seen and heard from others, maybe mainly for the typical experienced investor rather than beginners. If you track GBTC trust, I’ve noticed Fridays are big selloff days when people want to take profits before the weekend, probably more experienced traders there as well. Also, the Christmas holiday drop seems to be repetitive. Last year BTC climbed to nearly $1,200 and fell to almost $800 around this same time, then took off to set new ATHs of course. For the upcoming period, I’m saying stick to BTC and ETH mainly. Close off most altcoin positions, except for stronger altcoins imo such as Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Stellar, NEO. Ripple will either hold steady or have a slight decline for a while in relation to BTC. BCash is also a complete sell in my opinion. Great channel! LTC= LVB8XkjJ9LJMv5bK6fdaKyc6om5KFrRLsD

  14. what do u think about davor invest?? with a 1010 loan can i build a better life

  15. I think first thing is to diversify. Still, a lot of coins will go down with BTC in case of crash (Litecoin, Eth..). That's why i sold some Lite to buy Ripple and Lumens. P.S: awesome desktop! Where can i find it? LcZsgjYyPLkZ1UgfMBi6deZxAg8vefZpuc

  16. Ripple is the coin which is controlled by banks. So how long this coin go and set all time high target?LaMyv1m4jT83fqCqvHb1GtR9kVWq9Vf6tZ

  17. Cool video, first time viewing. Trethiest by blood but i dig the swag. FOMOing on your channels info!


  18. its my opinion is just believe in your instinct… and hold until achieve your target…peace out
    LTC : LdtKfutdrTfDJcjoo6zH93ZceDbsMaF365

  19. i think wagerr could be a good coin in the future because at 1.15.18 the release ther launch

  20. Happy new year! Hope you will meet your 2018 goals ;). Ripple for the win, but I think it is to late to buy. Maybe focus on other coins. Greetz and as always nice video.


  21. Bitconnect is Ponzi scheme, they promise you "high returns with little risk". They take your money and invest it and make high profits, then they give you 0.50% from 100% of profits they already made. They said that " We will keep your money safe no loss high gains" hey dude there's no high gains without high risk.
    No one take care about your money more than you. But how you give them your money without seeing the "TRADING POTS" Controversial?. FINALLY YOU CAN'T MAKE $1.3M, $700K LIKE TREVON JAMES AND CRYPTO NICK WITHOUT "Pyramid Affiliate Program".

  22. Sunny Decree; BCC Pay Mastercard is officially out. You said a lot of negative things about the Card and discouraged a lot of people. So what do you have to say?

  23. The key is to diversify, there are many altcoins that are firing.

  24. What is your opinion on ETHconnect? Is it scam or is there a chance, that it could be the next BitConnect?


  25. Yeah I really dont like the way BCH attacks BTC its actually depressing, also do you think Ripple will continue to be a top 3 coin or will it descend sometime in 2018?

  26. Hey Sunny, just found your cool channel. Subbed immediately. Glad you didn't miss out on the freight train that is TRON, I made ton on it this last week. I saw you had Verge too, that bullrun is over for me. Like you Sunny, I am an investor, not much of a trader, we both think longer term.

    Surely the next bullrun will be on privacy coins. So much in the news about privacy coins this last week. My tips must include: Monero (in so many articles this week, but expensive), DeepOnion (lots of new features coming along and whitepaper just released – a worthwhile read) and Ethereum (I know its not a privacy coin, but its a sleeping giant). Im hyped for your next video!

  27. you have listed good coins and i also believe in their potentials.
    and some of which i am also looking to invest with this 2018
    i would also like to entice you into looking with DeepOnion project.
    and share us your views about it.
    because i do believe that it will be worthy to accumulate some of it as soon as possible.
    with the features it has only time can tell when will its value go up.

  28. Should I save the daily income from my lending platforms (all house money), to invest in BitConnect X ICO? Litcoin: LX3PsmCUWKH8ZAzfK7Pm93mrpiHR3cxeyX

  29. Have you listened to Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante? You may be an Anarchist/ Libertarian. Don't forget your gold and silver!

  30. Yeah, at what price did you buy cardano and what price do you see it going to reach? LMVKJD1C9iLnEsVcEAeHZ3uzjRtkHguW2h

  31. "Mother Trucker" – love it Sunny! You're so funny, and the way you bat off the negative comments is admirable!

  32. do you think that BTC network fee's will stabilise to a minimum or do we need to go to other coins as a medium of Norman transactions?

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