Bittrex Listings a Positive Sign? CFTC Mulling Federal Regs instead of State

Bittrex has added a new cryptoasset to their exchange for the 3rd day in a row, and I think that’s a VERY positive sign. Let’s talk about why I think it matters, as well as why CFTC Chairman Chris Giancarlo’s thoughts about federal regulation instead of individual state regulation is better for innovation in my mind.

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27 thoughts on “Bittrex Listings a Positive Sign? CFTC Mulling Federal Regs instead of State”

  1. Travelling today so you don't get to see my ugly face.. If you haven't downloaded the Brave browser yet, give it a shot:'s my ref link, but it's at no added cost to you and Brave is a pretty damn interesting blockchain project with a responsive)

  2. Downloaded Brave yesterday after watching your vid and so far loving it. Blocks all ads and is lightning fast as well. I don’t know how I didn’t try it before now. Thanks for the info as always brother!

  3. Thx for the solid work dude. Just want to say, not everything is smoother sailing in the crypto regulatory seas. That numbnuts at the SEC, Jay Clayton, effectively ended investing in ICOs/TGEs for the 'everyday' crypto investor in the US by declaring them to be securities. The well-monied still get to play ($200K/yr or $1mil in assets) so the rich(er) still get to get rich(er) but not those of us with less. And no grudge here against those with bigger $$, I want to be well-monied asap. So this in effect makes our little decentralized corner of the world very centralized. I can go out and blow my life savings on a penny stock but invest in an ICO? This Clayton putz has created policy by utterance alone – no hearings, no votes, etc. So some areas may be better but the govt will screw things up any chance it gets. grrrr.

  4. This is SHILLERRRRR ITS SHILLLERRR NIGHT hold your wallets tight supposhiller is out tonight cause this is SHILLERRR


  5. Bittrex customer support is so horrible…. I had to cancel my membership in order to get them to respond to my problem,

  6. Why is everyone so OK with regulation and act as if any regulation will be good? The whole point of cryptocurrencies and other projects is to remove government bullshit and go back to free market solutions that rely on math and logic not beureucrats in washington. Screw the government and please stop supporting the miscreants in government who want to kill crypto. They will kill it! Trust me.

  7. Been using Brave for a long time and I recently set it up to regularly pay out for you! Your videos have been as consistent as they are awesome. Thank you!

  8. bravebrowser – saw they used google and immediately turned off. If peole dont realise the market is looking for google alternatives right now its not a good sign. We need new SEARCH not another new browser. We need a search that is not tied to the democratic party and censors conservative news. .

  9. Hey Bobby. I'm hoping persistency pays off, so here for the third time in a row: I'm from Denmark. Love your videos and follow you on a daily basis. Would like to hear a more in depts analyze of Tron and why you seem somewhat critical towards it!? I'm not denying that Justin Sun has a lot to learn as far as PR, and yes in the first period he was hyping with no real basis (yet). Add to that the white paper which he did'nt handle to well either. BUT – it's a new coin in the making and his growing team of skilled developers and their road map seems legit. Justin Sun himself has a good sheet in terms of being recognized amoungst Asia's brightest young entrepreneurs + being a Student of Jack Ma. They got a new office in San Francisco and seem super devoted. Don't see that these aspects deserves to be dismissed with just a smirky smile whenever the name comes up. See for instance TRONS latest update: therefore believe TRX could potentially do good in the long term. I'm no expert by any stretch, but is it really so bad in your opinion?Kind regardsPeter

  10. Really turned off by the Brave Browser shilling. I get that you like it. Just use it let it organically become something people ask about and decide to use. I appreciate not being force fed a product. Keep up the good product just please keep your ears open to constructive feedback.

  11. I hope they regulate ICO"S stating holders and company holders can't sell until a specified time. I'm sick of the bs pump and dumps that boobtubers pump like Jsnip4. He is famous for P&D's.

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