Bitcoin Trading Thoughts & Tips

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Please do your research before investing, this is not considered investment advice & should only be considered for educational purposes only. You should consult with an attorney or another professional to determine what may be best for your individual needs. Trading cryptocurrencies can be VERY risky.

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15 thoughts on “Bitcoin Trading Thoughts & Tips”

    1. James Luckhurst im holding a very promising alt which i got at the bottom.. so i might as well just do that

  1. I have a bad habit of going all in too early lol. But I never panic sell, I just hold until it's up again

  2. I've got fiat ready for this big sale, but I'm not satisfied that it's actually started just yet. I don't "need" to trade this dip so I'm just going to watch and wait. If we get down to those 4500-5000 levels, I'm in. 😉

    1. I noticed the DOW correlation but wrote it off as coincidence at the time, but there definitely seems to be something to that… I'll be watching very closely in the short term!

  3. The drop was really obvious at 8300 as the trade volumes where so so low (order books) and the BTC dominance was switching. Can I recommend you add tradeing off of the order books.. too. Good stuff bro.

  4. Hey bro I have been following you and I've been taking notes, but recently I listed all of them, any chance you can tweet about your settings to RSI, MACD, ichimoku cloud those are the indicators that I was using following you, I just remember that the RSI should be set up on 30 to indicate oversold and I think 70 to indicate overbought

  5. it is so manipulated….it's known stuff. Big wales….easy. It is impossible to predict and analyzing what happened makes no sense, it' s the past.

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