Bitcoin Q&A: Mass adoption & peer-to-peer commerce

When are we going to see mass adoption of open blockchains, especially by “big sellers” and merchant services like Amazon? A system of closed, centralised, weaponised poltical control vs. open source, localised / peer-to-peer commerce. Will the user experience improve?

This question is from a talk which took place on May 18th 2018 for the WeAreDevelopers World Congress at Austria Center Vienna in Vienna, Austria:

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Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and respected figures in bitcoin.

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He is the author of two books: “Mastering Bitcoin,” published by O’Reilly Media and considered the best technical guide to bitcoin; “The Internet of Money,” a book about why bitcoin matters.





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67 thoughts on “Bitcoin Q&A: Mass adoption & peer-to-peer commerce”

  1. Such a short video. I wanted to see more questions answered. Andreas has such an enthusiastic style, it's intoxicating! 🙂

  2. A master at dodging important questions.

    "What about scaling"
    "I SOLD MY CAR" (no you didn't, how did you handle the paperwork of the sale at 11pm, give me a break)
    "Ok, so next question…"

  3. How can you even consider disagreeing with the brilliant yet humble mind of Andreas… We are lucky to have him on our side!

  4. Jesus.. Andreas has an intelligent answer for every question. Not only that, his responses are elegant and have the cadence of a great speech maker.

  5. The marketplace he describes is literally Particl. Maybe a few other projects. But that's what comes to mind first.

  6. Particl with it's privacy features is superior to BTC. Whether you realize it or not, privacy is a key feature needed in cryptos for security and fungibility.

  7. What a great speaker ! I really hope he will see that particl is trying to create his decentralized e-commerce vision. The same marketplace that satoshi wanted in the first place

  8. This was good to hear at a conference. Developers need to put more faith in their work and rely less on what people like/dislike/share, etc. That's just "hype" like V. Buterin said.
    As long as developers keep being creative and committed to technical accuracy, their Dapps will ALWAYS find adopters… 🙂

  9. Andreas, thanks for your contribution to the block chain space I am a rather new to crypto and I am from Sri Lanka which is beginning to see hyperinflation of native currency (50% devaluation within four years compared to USD, which is also devaluing) so planning to put some money into Bitcoin through dollar cost averaging. I have this question bothering for some time. What will happen if miners switch off their rigs because in the case mining is not profitable and what will happen if Chinese government decide to ban mining therefore knocking off 80% of hashing power. Hope you will clear my doubts

  10. so you sold a car for bitcoin and waited for 3 confirmations before handing over the key. 30 minutes spending with a unkown person, I hope it was a nice lady then 😉

  11. How can companies that transact up to hundreds of millions of $ rely on something like bitcoin right now, where your money can literally evaporate due to human error. Lose private keys=fucked. Blockchain is not people friendly at all. It was designed by and for paranoiacs, who live in the dark, underground, self-sufficient, anomymous most likely single and with no friends. In a normal world, maybe machines will use it somehow one day .
    As for p2p transactions, does anyone singing praise in these here comments actually use the blockchain? i made a btc purchase a couple of days ago, i checked the mempool first, there were 600 transactions in queue (most at 1-2sat/byte), i paid 4 sat/byte certain that i'd get in the next block. It took 50 more minutes for the network to find the next block i fell asleep, that block only had the highest fee transactions so i made it in the next one after that. I was dealing with a merchant who required 6 confirmations. Enough said. Bitcoin right now is useless and pointless.

  12. Corporation will struggle to build blockchains because no one will use it they need to adopt the already successful blockchains tried used and trusted by millions like bitcoin even ethereum and ripple the big three and more but bitcoin is the king crypto

  13. Lol banks dont make it easier to understand money. Its exactly the other way around. They obfuscate and fake the money and offer less functionality to the brainwashed user. THE MODERATOR IS BIASED

  14. Satoshi Nakamoto built BTC as a test subject a precursor if you may for 10,000 projects on Blockchain in the future

  15. Andreas confirms again. There is only one thing that stops the illusion of control… it's the real control exercised by people… Oh and also a little sprinkling of Pandora's magic internet permission less truth.

  16. Excellent talk Andreas, mass adoption is coming. All it will take is one decentralized app to open the flood gates. Developers all over the world are hustling to find out what consumers want

  17. I agree with Philipp. Andreas has such a profound grasp of the information, and a masterful way of communicating his understanding, it's intoxicating (and I'm not gay. Not there's anything wrong with that. 555). This guy is FANTASIC!

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