Bitcoin Price Analysis | Coinbase Buys Paradex | ZRX to Coinbase?

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14 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Analysis | Coinbase Buys Paradex | ZRX to Coinbase?”

  1. fuck me, the past 7 trades i made were winners,to a tee. i ended up cancelling every single one though. I keep spending time doing TA, making the right calls and then I end up getting ticklocked, freaked out by a pullback or doubting myself and cancelling my order.I somehow have turned what would have been a huge win if i stuck to my original plan into a 40% loss. Now i find it painful to even look at my charts. I plotted out buy and sell areas and everything i have been trading has hit my buys and sells perfectly, but ive not been in the trade….It almost feels like the market is mocking me (whish is stupid ofc)I dont know what to do anymore,its so painful. If i had been completely wrong it would be easier to deal with, but its the fact that ive been right every F*ing time and then gone against my original plan. any advice kyle? did you ever struggle with this? haha

  2. We should be in a recovery pattern tonight. If that's not the case, this will be very bad. Typically when it tanks this hard, it takes weeks to recover. Often less from where it started. So a recovery to $360/$380 billion by end of May. If that's how we end the month. June will suck.

  3. Kyle, it's great to see you back making videos consistently again. Thanks for your efforts! Your content is great!

  4. Awesome vid as usual, enjoyed the car vlog too, but didn't have time to comment :chowever your discord makes my eyes water ;_;I can fix it in under half an hour, hit me up anytime ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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