Bitcoin Is Crashing (And That’s A GOOD THING!)

Everyone is freaking out about the latest price movement in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. You all need to take a deep breath and settle down. Every dark cloud has its silver lining. In fact, maybe this is all for the best! Let’s take a closer look at what’s really going on here.

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Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, investing, analytics, and various altcoins.

101 thoughts on “Bitcoin Is Crashing (And That’s A GOOD THING!)”

  1. I respect your honesty man! But please, don't shill any coins or do market predictions.. These are clearly not your strong points 😛 Still love it for keeping it real!

  2. not sure what stinks worse. this video, or the whisky shit i just dropped while letting this play to muffle shit sounds… lo and behold . the shit sounds comming from his mouth are worse

  3. I'm sure 90% of the ppl subscribed have lost money on BTC. I like it that Doug can take it and make a fun video out of it. Good work!

  4. I got hammered back in January when I said BTC will hit the $5k mark. Its simply to deduct because the Central banksters are controlling it through the corrupt Futures markets. They only want cash going into the dollar & stock market. PERIOD! My next prediction will be $3k by Jan 2019.

  5. Getting 30k from home equity to put on bitcoin… this is by far the riskiest thing I've ever done considering it's pretty much 20% of my networth

  6. Doug I love the archangel sound track you got going there! By the way what's happening with our portfolio? Give us an update!!!!! Regards, your biggest fan, Tech!

  7. first I loved u, but now I start to hate u because u making fun of peoples mistakes so please stop that shit oke? ur not perfect to and U got to much air on urself so work on that :S

  8. Dude, sell your Bitcoin for some XRP or something else because Bitcoin is a Dinosaur and is about to be replaced by something more current and faster.

  9. I learnt how to grow my bitcoin with a special software i learnt from westjohn181@gmail .com for free , Its been a lovely experience over the past months. Contact him to learn about it.

  10. I always say you need to stick to poker and get out of Crypto. But right know i really want you to beat up on Tone vays. I hope he took your double or nothing bet. He also really hates EOS he is a big fudder when it comes to EOS. Make him a bet that EOS will hit $100 by December. He will jump right on that one. Easy money for you. Lol

  11. Respects bro! Took the beating like a man! Well… there are millions hanging on cryptos today… where will it will go tomorrow? I Don't know…. the question is… will cryptos innovation be useless in 6 months? Is the debt fiat system fixed? Is the economic and financial forecast positive? If your answers for those questions are NO, than you can bet that cryptos will definitely have an important value in a near future. Just don't bet 10k on it…. maybe 5k? ☺
    Thx Doug for putting a stand out there for the bulls! Most have no balls these days… like Vays, a classic cork… that floats on any water…

  12. it was a overhyped craze in 2017. just look at the charts for the previous years. wont be long untill below 1k again.

  13. that aikon guy is creating a version of wakanda in Africa with crypto.

    I don't think he understands how shit really works, but the story was entertaining. lol

  14. Bitcoin is dead. It was just a giant pump and dump paid for with fake Tethers on Bitfinex. This entire space has destroyed itself with manipulation and scams. Let it crash and burn to the ground and maybe then we can try again with some much needed regulation.

  15. Why do people still watch this channel? This is one of the channels thats promoted Bitcoin dominance and an "inevitable" price rise since January when prices kept on falling. He doesnt give any actual information, its just jokes about YOU losing money and remembering that 1 BTC = 1 BTC….

  16. ah fancy taking a bet with Tone Vays, such a scammer … wait, not as big a scammer as Richard Heart or Roger Ver. but wait, you are in with them as well.

  17. Bro tell the views the shitiest exchange is IDEX avoid IDEX that's SCAM ! IDEX adds and delist coins/tokens without being notified and when your coin/token is delisted your money is gone and later you will ask for help, you contact IDEX they will never reply to your email, they force you to use telegram and when you use telegram is full of scammers and am sure the admins are the one who is scamming everyone. Lost $900 on delisted coin and someone scam me with phishing link and lost another $600 worst nightmare man… IDEX adds and delist coins/token everyday and all the tokens they add, they are called SHIT coins/tokens that are not on coinmarketcap, they work with this shit coins so they can delist them later, IDEX is robbing people. Please share the message.

  18. did all the bags of crypto your hodl fall off the shelf? same thing here getting pistol whipped by the ups and downs of crypto. please do a video on the amount of electricity needed to mine one btc and how much money you will loose trying to mine it

  19. Doug brighten the lamo hunters by giving them a moonie it might not be the moon but its close enough haha

  20. I owe my wealth and thanks to Mr Kenneth P Hopkins , few months ago I had no idea whatsoever on what to do to make money, he advised me to make an investment in binary and he would personally oversee my trading for me while still giving me tutorials on how to be a trader.

  21. Still not ready to admit you were wrong about Roger I see. I guess deleting posts that disagree with you is so much easier than fact-checking them.

  22. Lesson learned guys. Real traders like Tone Vays knows what they are talking about. To all the people who were critisizing Tone 😂😂

  23. Stupid permabulls been saying the same thing on every drop.. fucking wake up people, the run is over. Cryptocurrencies is just a big fucking ponzi/pyramid scheme. Short it while you can. Blockchain will get adopted, not currecies.

  24. Stup scamming people. You such a hipocrit. U name and shame everyone when really you are the one pushing ur agenda

    It's too late for you U will be the biggest loser known in poker and crypto. Suck sht

  25. You are right bro one bitcoin = one bitcoin. If you expect to get a lot in one year from buying bitcoin you are mistaking.

  26. bitcoin has recovered a 1000 times already the only ones who lose money are those that get scared and panic sell

  27. During bearish times its an opportunity for me to accumulate more potential altcoin like DeepOnion at low price. This is really a priviledge to have more of it while waiting for the bull.

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