Binance Exchange Tutorial (2018) How To Make Your First Trade. Its So Easy.

Binance Exchange Tutorial for 2018 Its so easy to make a trade.

Binance Sign Up Link —

In this video I demonstrate how to make your first trade on the Binance Exchange $BNB.

I walk you through a Limit order and Sell and also show you how to make a market price trade.

I demonstrate how easy it is to set a stop limit trade to minimize losses or to take profit.

Binance is currently my favorite exchange and Believe it right now to have the best coins and be the Best Exchange with very low trading fees.

If you haven’t signed up now is the time to do so you can click my link here –

This video represents my personal opinion only and does not constitute nor offer financial or trading advice. Please do your own research and consult with financial professionals when making important financial decisions.

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