Binance – Buy the BEST ALTCOINS here!

Binance is one of the newest Bitcoin/Altcoin exchanges. Their portfolio includes plenty of the top Altcoins out there. This video should teach you the basics about this cryptocurrency exchange and serve as a review as well.

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98 thoughts on “Binance – Buy the BEST ALTCOINS here!”

  1. Hey, Love your channel!
    Do you think about cardano?
    So much information every video.
    Thankyou so much!


  2. Bitcoin and litecoin is up and down
    Hope it reach high then stay calm.
    Thankyou so much.


  3. I went to Bittrex and Bitfinex they were not allowing to SignUp which was 3 weeks ago. But, Binance was allowing to SignUp and also they verified my ID within one day which was amazing and awesome(You may not need to verify as without verification upto 2BTC can be withdrawn per day from Binance). Trading is 50% off using Binance Coin. So investing on Binance coin might be good option with other altcoin as this exchange is blooming right now.
    Thanks Sunny for this video 🙂
    Here is my Litecoin Address – LNEWcdfaq4ynqpEqM4uLqfoGpAa3h6aGaG

  4. Nice short intro. I like Binance too, but I miss better information on which forks they will support and I miss better withdraw and deposit transaction status. LTC: MM5d2iwxYV55WpS8XXXHGjDu2Ha1zhoq53

  5. The comment from the giveaway on your last video was my comment originally. The guy who one he just copied it from my comment. I felt it was unfair for me. I hope I win this time. I do have an account with binance. I have xrp and i bought them at 1.3$. Honestly, I dont know should I sell them now at 3$ or shall I wait for a higher price. Thank you very much Sunny decree for the great videos. I watch them all the time.

  6. for me is still cryptopia is the best for exchange altcoins…peace out … maybe binance is promising..

  7. Binance seems like a great exchange to buy from, could you show more binance trading videos? Thanks Sunny and forget the Bitconnect trolls in the comments! They're mad that their platform is sinking

    LTC: Lgf1xfjBaSuFc4owqA3nmerakjcd8tchtS

  8. Haha, I put on my pc from sleep mode and what i see, Sunny big smile, frozen on this youtube website, a very genuine smile he has omg!

  9. Sunny! Thanks for this Binance tutorial. Any advice on which exchanges has the best withdrawal policies? I've noticed that some of them really kill you on withdrawal fees.


  10. Thanks for the video Sunny. I got accounts on most of the exchanges, but sadly Binance never got back to me about increasing my trading limits. I sent them all the documents, but no reply. Nada. Got anyone there who can help me? Cheers

  11. Hi what do you think of Doge prospect in 2018? should I invest in DOGE, LTC or Ripple? any opinion ! Lfwuo5RxdtXodd3bjt1sqvspbi4XsSmZX7

  12. Thanks for the video sunny. i am already in binance & buy some verge coin at 800 satoshi…….1TMGLuWpjUuqCp2DMN6xvHk5776SATYLE

  13. Hey man what do you think of 'TheBrainChain'? Loving the content keep it up fam!

  14. I will surely register an account in binance using your referral link sunny and if I win the giveaway I will trade it in Binance and you can get some profit of it, fair izzit 😀


  15. Oh I was hoping you would tell us about your fav altcoins. I think I'll go for stellar soon. LaP6sKyNkLh8oWviotFSUMFGiqv66L6iti

  16. Sunny thank you for the heads up I was really looking into getting on binance but now I'm not so sure !!


  17. Except Binance, is there any other exchanges that you feel it's a good one?

  18. Can you please let us know about some cheap altcoins to invest in for next 3-4 months?

  19. Binance is on of the best exchange out there it is easy to use and has very clear charts and a nice app


  20. What do you think about the issue of xvg, the issue of the hacked account, mr mcafee, the threats and this whole matter? Is not it ((very curious)) that it is happening right when this whole taxes thing is happening? I think that will be a whole persecution this year with the anon coins.

    Forgot this: LStafwEcAvtKsZAJYy57sRfxKU8cpjRy99

    1. By the way, it looks like there is a trouble with bittrex wallets, they are blocked due to an intel chipset critical flaw

  21. It would be very helpful sunny if you could please explain the pro’s and con’s when purchasing alt coins with BTC, ETH and LTC . For example, you should never trade btc for a coin unless you believe it will outperform btc. LgAj1beNdbkJyR2LPtAsV4mc2E3WQMfM3G

  22. thanks for the video explaining binance. Although it is having problems with deposits and withdrawals right now. LTC: LSWUcGzJ4mXDmxTrEwaLbmgPCdm4Dq2UNM

  23. Binance is Greatest Exchange of all time! But still not wise to store our coins in it 😉

    LTC: LcfCn6mFvQg8QYNuYzESZyaE5J19NhukWw

  24. Binance is great. Lower fees than bittrex and more diverse. Cheers! Thanks! LbxL9oqVddGYf9A2aYu1ckvRMTyF4epw27

  25. Thanks man for the videos they are so helpful:
    I got involved into cryptocurrency this week with big challenges. I tried to create a Bittrex account but they suspended accounts creation since December "Wie ein Pech !". The other alternative is Coinbase, but is not supported in Germany for the moment. Others exchange websites have huge fees.
    Can you please make a video about how to buy Cryptocurrencies in Germany and which one should i focus on ?

    Eth: 0x8F6d702021C2fAF61Fb083EABa68126929519031
    Litecoin: LX3xKf1skVVBqnCS1JK22zm3Ct9YHB4vZp

  26. Thanx for that i'm using Bittrex but a few good coins are missing … I'll check if Binance is available in NZ …Vibes catch u soon : LWRvJKHjni2TrUpkxyGs4VoutEwu2gN4fR

  27. is the best exchange for altcoins, been using weeks ago with very small fees.


  28. Have you listened to Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante? You may be an Anarchist/ Libertarian. Don't forget your gold and silver!

  29. I couldn't sign up for Bitrex… thank god for binance! Can you elaborate more on the binance coin BNB?

  30. is it really a good exchange? i have heard that, binance is hacked twice in past is it true? LLbGR6z2U6Ri9gq1ZeaJBMhQK2k3SdAUbf

  31. Isin't putting all my money into cloud mining more profitable than HODLING? I mean, with HODLing I have a fixed set of BTC which value will grow, but with mining i am generating more and more BTCs. So if the value of BTC will grow, so will my total amount as now I have more bitcoins with me? Please correct me if I am wrong. I have 80% invested into cloud, and 20% HODL. Thanks


  32. Good tutorial, i am use binance to trade, but, in peak condition binance freeze

  33. Thanks for the great video! Are the transaction fees steep for such a good site? 0xd720e1c9eC557313f406C4758b8324919012722B

  34. hi sunny what altcoins would you suggest being used to minimise crazy btc transfer fees to binance?

  35. Can anyone explain to me how I can buy BNB with LTC as I have just tansferred some LTC over to Binance and it appears to only offer me the abaility to buy more LTC?  LTC:  LdLf9wEsZk91LBRVwPcKUYSAgP3GXnWvs9

  36. Awesome video man keep up the good work, I believe is or will be the best exchange out there for 2018 and on.

  37. Happy New year 2018 I wish you good luck Nice video
    LTC LVX1vM6f7L7FmnmqKsor2jwR8kiGCczaKw

  38. first it's really friendly , but still slow and there are many issues , i think they need to improve it more.

  39. whats your projection this 2018 with btc? and do you think bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold would go up just like bitcoin?
    thank in advance!

  40. Hello Sunny Decree,

    I have recently gone looking for ICO's and I trembled over C20. I bought heavily and it has gotten me 250-280% so far.
    Now they're probably launching a new index fund based on ICO's and maybe top 20-50 coins.
    So I was wondering how you feel about these index fund, and have you considered to invest in these?
    I like your videoes and you sound pretty smart.
    I've been seeing your videoes since my entry in about august 2017.
    I considered every opportunity about my investments and it turns out to be pretty amazing this C20 token

    I am also open for new and inventive ICO's. I have also looked at WePower which is kinda similar to POWR, but I think it's quite nice this WePower, so I am also investing in this in late 2017.
    But I am curious, what do you think about their Token Distrubiton where 40% goes to Marketing?
    How do you find your ICO's?

    Thank you very much

    Here is my LTC address if you consider me to win 100$:


  41. Great video .. very informative as always … Binance sounds like someplace that I should try … LTC LfqFwqsuhAf1ZrrMaRmmRcTYCFHTXGNPp4

  42. Hey Sunny, here from holland. Nice video's ,keep up the great work !
    What is the best coin to buy in on binance ( btc or ether) and trade this for coins or does it not matter ?

  43. I have a HitBTC account that carries most high value alt coins, will try Binance also. Thanks for the daily vids! LN9pXKsX4WHixaomrb5rMAjmpktfT9Kc8Y

  44. I use binance. Great site.

    Do you think ethereum and ripple will catch up with bitcoin in terms of market cap?


  45. Thanks for explaining the trading view on Binance. So you are going to invest more into Altcoins this year?

  46. Hey, Thankyou as always for the info.
    Love your channel. Learn a lot on every video.
    Any guide for new crypto investor?


  47. bittrex isnt letting people in anymore wow? i got an account there but its not verified. also good to see a youtuber actually teaching people about exchanges, lightning network, and crypto in general. great work as always sunny.


  48. Thanks for sharing. Very educative. My question is how do you then sell a coin that you bought? Do you exchange it back with another currency like bitcoin or ETH then withdraw? LQh9u3QddCkW4Wr9ct5fwTzDNPpnzuP5hN

  49. i am THE lucky man.. thanks for BTC: 1B6YfMnoWUP1YidiCZCrogEz19qanemLsA
    thanks for DASH: XeMTYwRDgkqcL9jGvRp6PTVP2sfjy2RBbn
    thanks for LTC: Lgdk5oq38x4dCncwN1k1oznTN6Urc8dCov
    thanks for ETH: 0xe46B631bbf57e51B3E75eFc5fC752616E4B2791B
    thanks for BCH: 1PFDjvHkzt3kgwHYwpy3pvZAkAXhZEsW4n
    thanks for BCC: 8GvEzGUSXHKzf6P9SYvkqm9Yu6TsYxrcxm

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