Big Banks Flip Flop on Crypto & Bearish Sentiment

After Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin “a fraud”, JP Morgan is evaluating a cryptoasset strategy moving forward. This on the back of Goldman Sachs creating a Bitcoin trading desk, I think will be the start of major banks rushing into crypto to avoid getting left behind by the competition. Let’s also have a look at the good old bearish sentiment on Reddit.

“JPMorgan has asked a 29-year-old highflier to draw up a cryptocurrency strategy”

“Why is it that crypto goes down every f’ing day”

Why is it that crypto goes down every fucking day? from CryptoMarkets

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51 thoughts on “Big Banks Flip Flop on Crypto & Bearish Sentiment”

  1. It blows my mind that people in Crypto trust banks. Of course they flip flopped. The WinkelVoss Twins are paying off bankers and media companies to push crypto so they can cash out before the actual bear market begins.

  2. I actually asked Merrill Lynch about placing like 15% of my Roth in Crypto ETF's when available. They actually took that request positively. Something is definitely around the corner!

  3. It's basically simple guys and gals. The big players are slowly getting in, toe first. Do you think they will buy in when prices are high? No! They will keep things down and low to fill their bags. Once full over time and they have their bags stored at prices will increase so their bags will run over (hope those vaults are expandable). All joking aside its not that complicated. If you are not one of them but are one of us, use the dips to buy in while you can..HODL and it's the one strategy we can use to flow with the big boy's. The challenge is you have to play the low term plan anything else you will lose patience and bail! Wait, HODL and you to shall be rewarded. FUD when it shows its ugly head is probably partially driven by whales and big players anyway.. their way to keep prices low.

  4. Adrenal Fatigue! I've been investing in misc assets for 15yrs and crypto is the only one that has news hr by hr every single day of every single month. It's exhausting. Especially with so many unexperienced young investors blowing up social media when the market makes the slightest dip while barking for 30% daily gain expectations which is unheard of for ANY asset other than a Picasso maybe lol

  5. jp morgan and other banks will get on board, they can't stay away. binance is a solid innovative exchange – 500 bnb tokens? worth it. regarding the bearish sentiment … was lmao when u read the reddit thread – too funny. idc (too much) about today btc $ – market dips, buy more and stack projects u believe in – i'm happy. relax …

  6. It's almost like people don't understand what they're investing into. You're throwing cash into an emerging market…It's inevitably going to be volatile. But sir, muh lambo. Too funny.

  7. I think alot of You YouTubers affect the market negatively.. because it’s so many of us watching YouTube videos expecting the price to go and it’s doing the exact opposite…. Don’t nobody know what the market is going to do.. I’m in Crypto for the long haul so it doesn’t matter to me. Maybe if a lot of YouTubers quit talking about what the market is n ain’t gone do, Bitcoin will be $20,000 by now.

  8. Oh look the insitutions are driving the price down so they can buy, i feel like i hear the same story every few months, we are just spinning in circles here.

  9. If you trust the banks with your cyrpto, you've missed the entire point and you deserve what you get.

  10. You'll know when banks really get involved because that's when no one will have a fair shake at profiting anymore.

  11. The faster we get these short sighted, over leveraged, panic sellers out of the market The better… See you on the next bull run losers! Bwahaha!

  12. The banks getting involved is what is going to turn this market from billion dollar to trillion dollar

  13. institutions are in, now people will lose their money even faster.
    before all new comers were playing against "traders wannabe", now everybody will play against profesional traders!

  14. Phase 1. Publicly exclaim "fraud, ponzi, tulip-mania…" – Phase 2. Buy the dip (bitcoin or good alts like DeepOnion, Lisk, Eos, Stellat, etc..) – Phase 3. Profit!

  15. @13:10 "Short the market"? You're speakin' gibberish. Nobody does that because they don't know how! (Besides cryptos didn't start crashing until after they invented shorting)

  16. I bought some eth and btc back in January and don't get me wrong I'd love to see another bull run but I'm not real worried when I see the crypto market not doing so great, I believe in blockchain and I'm in it for the long haul if I wasn't I could just pull my money out now and still make a profit.

  17. Can you rephrase your title please, I think alot of people know that banks are getting into crypto and you saying "banks flip flop on crypto and bearish market sentiment" makes people think banks are going from getting into the market to getting back out and that is why the market is bearish. Thanks

  18. I do get a bit sick of seeing some Youtubers shouting BTC to 50k by 2019for the sake of views (not Bobby). I think people get sucked in and then getburnt. Then they hate on crypto like there''s no tomorrow. These crazy bullishCryptotubers need to STOP. Not naming anyone. Traditionally, crypto has not seen crazy profits. Discuss…..

  19. The banks are just scared of crypto, they know the damage it can do to their core business model when it mainstreams. Same with governments and privacy coins, cryptos like DeepOnion, Zcash and monero can prevent their attempts to track and invade the privacy of their citizens.

  20. lower highs and lower lows, i feeel like the market is getting more stable.. thats a good thing for trying to become a currency and not just speculation.

  21. Of course, not everything is perfect in HitBTC, but the level of service and trading conditions are clearly better than many other exchanges have. At least, they allow to work and earn.

  22. airswap is dogshit. face it, if you ain't got liquidity it don't matter about decentralize this decentralize that lol. are new york stock exchange decentralized? no, and people are doing fine with it for a hundred years…

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