Beyond Price: Bitcoin’s Impact on the Future

In this talk, Andreas reviews the early history of Bitcoin, the distributed computing problems it aimed to solve, the governance implications for centralised financial institutions, and why this transformation is far more interesting than market price fluctuations.

This talk which took place at Pebble Beach for the Capgemini CXO Forum on November 1-3rd 2017 in Monterey, California.

Bitcoin for Beginners –
The Stories We Tell About Money –
Money as a System-of-Control –
Fake News, Fake Money –
Delivering Liberty, at Scale –
Hardware, Software, Trustware –
Forkology: A Study of Forks for Newbies –

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and respected figures in bitcoin.

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He is the author of two books: “Mastering Bitcoin,” published by O’Reilly Media and considered the best technical guide to bitcoin; “The Internet of Money,” a book about why bitcoin matters.

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Translations of MASTERING BITCOIN:



Translations of THE INTERNET OF MONEY:
Spanish, ‘Internet del Dinero’ (v1) –
French, ‘L’internet de l’argent’ (v1) –
Russian, ‘Интернет денег’ (v1) –
Vietnamese, ‘Internet Của Tiền Tệ’ (v1) –


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102 thoughts on “Beyond Price: Bitcoin’s Impact on the Future”

  1. Does anyone know where I can get that book he talks about ? The book on github that allows a 14 year kid to build a digital currency in a weekend?

  2. I cut the top off my business cards so they fit in my wallet. I was tired of people giving me the crazy eyes when I explain my work. 🙂

  3. Andreas, you're an eloquent, public speaker! I'm impressed with how you seemingly deliver all your presentations without a script. Doug in Silicon Valley

  4. I completely understand and agree with everything you said. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Merry Cryptmas to you and your family.

  5. What impact is Bitcoin going to have on the future when it costs $20 to send $100, and takes 30 minutes to 3 hours to confirm? I'm not pro-bcash either, so don't anyone bother.

  6. This was really, really interesting and has got me thinking. Thank you Andreas. I can't wait to see where all of this takes us

  7. 1. What happens when we considering rebuilding social institutions and democratic institutions based on network and market-based governance models using this technology. It is truly transformative and if you’re looking at the price of bitcoin the opportunity to invest the crazy messages that are coming from the media from every sides, you will be missing the fundamental point. The fundamental point being this is a new platform, a platform for trust that is global open completely borderless and egalitarian and this platform transforms not just finance. Currency is just the first application on this internet of money. It is not just money for the internet, it is full-blown platform for trust.

    2. The ripples are spreading most people haven’t yet noticed you are among the tiny percentage of people who are getting a heads up now. What would you do if you learned about the internet in 1991 instead of 2001 how would it have changed your life, your career, your company?

  8. Why are the blockchain fees and bitwallet fees are high? Is there any recommendations for any wallets that don’t charge any transaction fees or mining fees. Because say a .50 transaction just 2014 was possible but not now.

  9. Paypal banned SmartDNS and VPN services out of "piracy" concerns. I use Bitcoin to pay for VPN because unlike Paypal Bitcoin doesn't rely on a central authority so it doesn't have an opinion about what I use it to do. Private Bureaucracy is no better than Public.

  10. Some one hundred and fifty years ago a man called Rothschild said something like this " I don't give a shit about governments, give me control of the money and I will control the World!" He didn't realise it at the time, but with that sentence he had sown the seed of he's families demise in the future! He gave us, the 99%, the clue to bringing down the worst blight humanity has ever faced, corrupt banks and their associated minions. Today we have the weapon that will end their reign of greed, avarice and the continuous destruction of the poorest people! It's here and it's time, all we have to do is accept and use it. Let's change the paradigm.

  11. I think the characterization of what happened to DigiCash fits into Andreas' world view of the nation state. After further investigation, it appears that David Chaum's greatest enemy at the time of the failure of his business was David Chaum himself. For backup see this:

  12. I'm curious what the digital currency of the future is going to be. Is it going to be bitcoin? I recently got into bitcoin. Everyone is saying bitcion is a digital Asset, rather than a currency (for many reasons). There are several other better alternatives.

    Curious what 2018 has got in store for us.

  13. This is all very nice, but BTC has been taken over by the financial and governmental sector, and even fewer people can afford to use it than the people who can afford banking.

  14. I just recently found out about Cryptocurrencies, and never really grasped the point of them until those last few minutes, Where he talks about how for us (the minority with access to financial service) crypto might not be revolutionary, but for the rest of the world that isn't as privileged, this might mean the difference between a developed or collapsed country.

    It all came full circle, Now it makes sense, and it really it beautiful.

  15. If Bitcoin succeed in being accepted as a universal currency, it'll cause a huge hyper-inflation that will destroy the entire world economy.

  16. I haven't seen him address Ripple yet! Xrp just leaves such a bad taste in my mouth! Would love to hear what he has to say about it!

  17. I'm sorry, but we don't use the internet to produce and distribute astronomical amounts of pornography? The only thing I disagree with him on lol

  18. Absolutely amazing presentation!
    I had to laugh, because it sounded like he was describing me in the early 80's with the emergence of technology at that time!
    Bitcoin is changing the world, baby!!

  19. I can't wait for a time where banks begin to lose presence,and we all exchange money digitally. When we begin to see all the wealth we were giving the banks now spread among the people as it should be,instead of being robbed by the blood-sucking parasites that are banks.

  20. CRYPTO moonshot hero! LASERSHARP!
    Great guide into everybody 's own financial neutral own 'switzerland' . Perfect deep knowledge and analysis from multi perspectives, and with PASSION. A true modern hero disrupting the old and paving new bumpy roads into the future :>)

  21. Please, share this. Share it.

    Thank you Andreas. I envy – in a healthy way – that brain of yours. standing ovation

  22. Hi Andreas, nice video and good to hear someone talking from their heart. Although I don't hold any BTC, pretty much missed the boat with this one. My friend kept tell me about it in early days, but I was scared. 5 years later here I am as a seasoned crypto investor. As a computer scientist what are your thoughts on the various privacy coins? I mean Dash, DeepOnion and Monero et al. You are a guy who is interested in solving problems ans right now privacy is a huge concern for many. Keep to hear your views.

  23. Thank you once again for being a voice of reason in amongst all of the excessive noise floating around this space. A podcast on which you were interviewed was one of my main driving forces for getting into Bitcoin mid-2017. The message from this talk is the what people need to realise. It's not a 'get rich quick' scheme, it's a fundamental shift in wealth distribution and the way forward for the future.

    I was gripped by this talk as I have been with all of your previous talks. Once again, I tip my hat to you. Amazing work!

  24. IMPACT :>) Walking "all u Need 2 Know source! A true (un)polished multifaceted passionate Crypto diamond!
    Modern Robin Hood of Economy. Well educated, interested, experienced Metaphorical connecting our financial past and future from with passion!
    From Technical, Biological, Medical, Economical, Anthropological and IT perspective. Very enriching for navigating (financial) life! Greeting from Amsterdam

  25. So just some honest questions. Anyone can answer. Since the idea is to have a decentralized digital currency with no banks involved…
    who is going to insure my billions of bitcoins if some 14 year old hacker gets into my blockchain wallet and takes all my coins? Actually, what if blockchain gets hacked by a 13 year old and they take all my coins, my log in info, and all my personal data? Who's got me covered? If blockchain does, wouldn't that mean blockchain is just another bank, cause they certainly charge me fees to send money back and forth between exchanges just like a bank. those bitcoin transfer fees ain't cheap. I get charged ZERO dollars when i send thousands to freinds/family on my Venmo app. And let's not talk about the nano s boys and girls…that's like the old days when my mama and papa stashed their gold bars under the pillow worried it would be gone when they woke up. why are we going backwards to the dark ages? A nano s that can be mistaken for a cheapy 2gp usb drive to hold all my billions lol. Get outta here!

    Isn't the purpose of a bank is to have peace and mind that your money is safely stored somewhere that is safer and more protected than your own home (obviously, now it's all digital anyway), but it's sure as hell safer with the bank then a dumb usb drive, and it's insured. And when i make a purchase or send my money to the wrong dude, i can dispute to get that shit back. With bitcoin/cryptocurrency, if you copy and paste the wrong wallet id, you are bye bye. Ain't no room for mistakes boy and girls.

    too much room for being hacked and getting all your billions taken in flash, with no one to insure you. But like i said, that's why we put our money in the bank. 1929 has been happening all year long last year with people's bitcoins/cryptos, and that is scary stuff.

  26. Bitcoin is NOT A BUBBLE! Crypto Currencies are TOWERS! The more acceptance Cryptos get The wider thier base becomes and the taller the tower gets!

  27. Why did we needed to know that useless 10 min. story on how this guy started studying programing?? That information was irrelevant to the main story. Anyway, banks are running scared, and they'll invest as much money as possible to shit on crypto.

  28. To hide the true nature of something then hide it in plain view. Ripple stands for Rip People meaning XRP "Rip People off" The bankers chose to take its grandest step to adopt this in many banks all around the world in order to move money faster then ever before and over supply so much to get headlines on market cap and make it something that is liquid enough & crap enough to take over Bitcoin publicity & popularity & erode the dollar away from being the world standard.

  29. I talk to those I mentor about consciousness… across the board and all borders. This infrastructure is the infrastructure of consciousness, of life and of light. As you so brilliantly articulated this, it HAS HAPPENED… and our world has already changed. Smiling ear to ear. Sorry it took me a month to see this! Subscribed now.

  30. Thank you for all these videos and talks, they are wonderful. I hope you are eating well and taking better care of yourself these days 🙂 We need you to stay on to form and to keep educating the masses. I admit I was a noob and came to crypto for the money, but the more I learn the more I'm staying for the tech and its promise. Nowdays I care more about it changing the world for the better, than I do about getting back my investment (ouch). Onwards and upwards! xxx

  31. Andreas will be a chapter in history books all over the world, I hope he handles this position well. Congrats Andreas, keep up the free and open mind. Don't risk loosing yourself due indoctrinating teams, govs or any friend or girlfriend.

  32. bitcoins success is natural caused by the establishment, that caused constant poverty and teached everyone to earn, money, which they created out of thin air, which we didnt were able to get rid off

  33. I am so grateful to you Andreas Antonopoulos for giving us this amazing learning about technology. What Bitcoin and how it works into human lives and in the future of monetary system and economy.

  34. I wish i could explain Bitcoin in a manner like you do to my family, friends and neighbors. I wish i can learn how to do it right in a very simple systematic way Andreas. GOD bless you always.

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