$186’978 Bitcoin in 2018

Can the price of one Bitcoin reach close to $200k in 2018 or do you think that is far away from possible? Let us know your Bitcoin price prediction by the end of 2018 in the comments bellow.

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86 thoughts on “$186’978 Bitcoin in 2018”

  1. Epic end, happy new year and big crypto profits. My prediction is that BTC will be around 60 000$.


  2. LOL, if this worked, everyone would be rich and I, and many others, would be feverishly drawing trend lines on stocks, currencies, bonds and commodities.

  3. As for pure data fitting purposes, Excell might not be the optimal software to use. I personally use Mathematica or Matlab, however plotting crypto assets and fitting a function to the data is not the best way to go since the psychological factor plays a key role in price fluctuation. On the other hand, though, there is a fit from 2014 that predicted 10k in November 2017, which also predicts the price of 100k in the year 2021 IIRC. Thank you Sunny for great videos!


  4. I think bitcoin is gonna blow up. People say it’s too late to get in, but I say otherwise. A LOT of people don’t even know what bitcoin is, and if they have heard about it, they are too lazy to look it up and learn.

    1. Christian Joyner im 18 and i understand what it is, but what is only confusing me is about where or how to store the coins safely

  5. Good job. but using just the data of 2017 is the wrong way i think. 2017 was crazy – maybe you should use data from the last 7 years


  6. Thank's pretty cool Sunny, lots of work thank you for all your help. My guess is that it's going to hit $80 000.


  7. seriously!! I don't think price can be calculated with some equations and so.. but once the lighting network is implemented definitely the price is gonna skyrocket

  8. I think realistic Bitcoin can easily hit 50 000 till the end of next year. LTC: LezDPntrMPgCoqTeMQmnzjWF4BPwXTVUiD

  9. Hey Sunny,
    There will be some resistance because of the fees from Bitcoin, miners pulling out of bitconnect and the interest of other altcoins. I guess Bitcoin will be worth about $68,168.23 at the end of 2018.
    Keep up the good work and have a great 2018!



  10. I agree to you Sunny that bitcoin will go with exponential trend line and this is realistic will be $182,000 because of many institutional investors will join and it will add more capital in crypto. Starting today I will stuck up 1 bitcoin per month and up to Dec. 31 2018 it will be 12 bitcoins. My LTC: LafbC4CvYkEzRW5u3CGFZESWLeMZPq7SZz

  11. Thanks for the info Sunny, awesome content; I just buy and hold BTC and LTC to the moon!!, I do think BTC will hit will over 50K USD in 2018, hope I'm lucky enough to win one of the giveaways and finding out what coin Alt coin you bought, here's too trying!

    LTC: LLQx4PFayrC1Si49HfqP5Hq16dqDfAFp2D

  12. Interesting video Sunny. I agree the linear chart is prob too low-balled and the exponential chart is prob too high-balled, but and average between the 2 (AKA ~100k EOY 2018) seems like it may very well give a good starting point in terms of realistic expectations during 2018.
    LTC: Lbitecw82PVQjPXx3nRfjZjJqaBU99CN2n

  13. I think Bitcoin will continue to grow but I'm not sure it'll have the same type of exponential growth that 2017 had. But hey! I wouldn't mind being wrong! Either way I am excited for 2018! Cheers and happy new year!


  14. That was really mind blowing Sunny! Hope your predictions based on the old Btc History will come true!


  15. The Lambo may just be 2Qs away! Cheers for being optimistic on the exponential forecast. What are your thoughts on Ethereum correlation with BTC? LTC : LRCbLAAgLfCtGWhTCZdAqYDeXUD9pFtdLK

  16. Please donate me some bitcoin I don't care how much you donate me and I really appreciate it tq here my address


    Thk u very2 much..

  17. Hi Sunny, did you try the IBM Watson analytics trial for more insights from your excel file?

    LTC: LeU7WmsbUzDpPEvsBm2Qs8n1Nsb4mZFjN6

  18. If you take the Total Market Cap and devide it by the amount of bitcoin, that will show you that bitcoin is undervalued.
    Market Cap: 643.521.893.245 / 16.777.562 = $38.356,103 -> BTC is undervalued atm

  19. BTC will prevail and pump again and again during 2018. One coin to rule them all.


  20. Greetings from Chile, I'm still learning your excellent videos and seeing how the Chilean community behaves in this regard. Here in Chile there is already one (1) cashier who accepts Bitcoin Ethereum, also created the first cryptomoneda in Chile called "Chaucha" (CHA), for educational purposes and well some Chileans made a pump and dump with the currency and came to cost 13 USD. now I only have investment in mining in the cloud as hashflare, cryptominigfarm, genesis mining and I am learning to invest in BCN (it seems that you are my sponsor I am NAZTUZ, I do not know how to check that: P).

    that thanks for everything


  21. I agree, I think the Linear Projection is too low, but I don't believe the Exponential growth model will be as drastic because the mass popularity Crypto Gained at the end of 2017. Either way, it will be exciting to see.


  22. Won,t mind if you made video on importing coinmarketcap into google sheets preferably. Like your smartness!

  23. Your linear line is good for a conservative estimate. The exponential not valid – this would suggest BTC would be worth 1million in 3 years.  I would estimate, that if BTC does continue to grow, 30k is feasible a year from now.

  24. Does crypto currency will be stable in the market..


  25. Bitcoin is losing its hold on the market though. Down from 90% of the market in January 2017 to 36% in January 2018. It's not going to go up at the rates it has been in the past 5 years. More money is going into smaller alt coins, big profits are being made on the top 200 coins, not Bitcoin. I honestly can't see it being worth more than 50K by the end of 2018 and that's being generous.

  26. It's amazing the power of math! The price of the other currencies is influenced by the price variation of bitcoin. What about a formula for that Sunny? Congrats for the content! LNyd5BC8gtEF8CsK16qZ3p3JR5nqQWWfHi

  27. Remember crytpos with CEO's have manipulation written ALL over them , do NOT be fooled BITCOIN , the original , the first , the BEST and of course NO CEO , expect great things in 2018 for bitcoin , we are just at the INFANCY of this BEHEMOTH . Even micro bits will serve you well in the future , do not be fooled by imitators / copy cats.

  28. I don' t think btc can reach 100K this 2018 … there's a lot of alt coin may even better than btc. But if btc price at the end of 2018 will possible around 40K – 50K. Happy New Year … and
    Thank you …

  29. If enough people take the time to learn about crypto technology instead of just chasing headlines then I think the sky is the limit.

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  31. Snovio (SNOV) going to 1 dollar this week.
    Market Cap
    $73,089,611 USD
    5,033 BTC
    78,173 ETH

    Volume (24h)
    $9,735,740 USD
    670.39 BTC
    10,413 ETH

    Circulating Supply
    405,002,639 SNOV

    Total Supply
    651,129,644 SNOV
    Show less


  32. The data set of only 2017 completley skews the model output. A larger data population would interesting to see.  Also the assumptions are determined to be the same which potentially can be seen as a fundamental flaw in the design of the model.

  33. With the amount of people in Bitcoin right now I highly doubt it will go to 180k+… I believe it's going to be alt coins for awhile because they're much harder to understand to the general public. Can't have everyone becoming millionaires.

  34. Amazing, Every video you make really make sense and you're prediction is really possible. I hope you make a review on Davorcoin and Ardor. More power to your channel LTC: Li4uVQZ5KqCSuii9nf3RP7FtgFYihHW4mZ

  35. My guess because that's all it is… 100K by the end of 2018… Last year I predicted 3K and was soooooo wrong… So I upped it this time and I'm hoping I'm wrong again to the low side! Cheers

  36. Great analysis, I don't doubt bitcoin can get to 186,000 ay the end of this year. If that were to happen do you think we'll see another big correction or "bubble burst" like the end of 2017? LYqSSabvSFDEP5NLi7oZeu3ewaD2L3sJd8

  37. But if Bitcoin will reach that high price, how high will then reach other altcoins?
    If we think about Market Cap and if Bitcoin will reach that high means a lot of other altcoins will also go much higher so in that case Market Cap it would be like 5 Trillions. It would be nice but very highly not likely to happen in my opinion. :))

  38. my wife was skeptical about me doing this but i am glad i did give his software a try though without his knowledge, with just $2000 and in a week i made $5600. guys this is the future!

  39. UNIFY Low price $0.3 100x potential, Low Market Capitalizations
    XTRABYTES Low price $0.5 10x potential
    SunContract $0.25 100x potential, Low Market Capitalizations

  40. I bought some Ripple because they are valued so low, yet gets a lot of praise. But I think it's a bad idea to use BTC as a standard for comparison for any crypto, when the USD is more stable than any crypto. The value of the BTC moves so much you can't use it as a ruler for measurement.

  41. I am pretty sure that btc will have more price. But not sure about the competition. Btc has problems, like the transactions. People can correct this, but maybe btc is having a price not waited right now.
    Just before the the end of last year people was talking about bitcoin crash, and just a day later experts were talking about a "correction" Maybe to predict this can be more complex that a linear regression. But it is cool to see an analysis, even in this stage it is very informative.
    if btc have more price, rest of crytpocurrencies have more price?

  42. People one question if they can make so much huge profits why do they need you. Go to scam watch they are fleecing your money

  43. Bitcoin will be at MOST about $25k USD by end of 2018. There's no way it will reach 168k . It's stupid to assume 2018 growth will be like 2017 growth. that 2017 bitcoin growth will NEVER repeat , it was once in a life time. Theres way too many retards in BTC who pump and dump BTC it won't reach past $25k cause as soon as it reaches $25k everybody will sell and it will go back down to $15k

  44. Hey Sunny I'm hoping it does go up because it's good for the market. The whole market would rise

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