2 thoughts on “17 Years old Crypto Trading Journal – Day 6 $189”

  1. at 1:25 you talk about a mistake when you bought, and then it went up but you couldn't sell it, after it retraced a bit you chose to keep it. Was that a pre-planned trade entry that you were watching for – or was it some strong movement that caught your eye, so you bought? At 2:10 you mention the coins showing a 12% drawdown were all trades from yesterday? 2:46 chart pattern buy moment – important to study that kind of trend line approach from below. Awesome you are doing a journal. 3:13 Foldingcoin trade.3:40 Bitmark – I remember you calling that one! high five!4:05 ICN – don't know that coin5:30 Blocktix – another I have not heard of – and you are trading it against ethereum… that kind of multiple currency valuation always makes my brain hurt… I need to see the spread between all the currencies. Can't wait for my 6 monitor setup.Great to have you along in our community! You have a great future because of the dedication you are putting into learning this life changing skill of making your money work for you!!

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