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15 thoughts on “👉 My FAVORITE Cryptocurrency Exchange Tutuorial | Binance: Step-by-Step 🤗”

  1. You don't buy Bitcoin nor Ethereum to transfer to Binance (unless you're doing a huge transaction and don't mind waiting)!

    You buy Ripple or Stellar (At Kraken, for example – Kraken sucks, but it works for this), that you then transfer to Binance (takes a minute or less and costs basically nothing), sell for BTC and then you can buy what-ever you want for the BTC (that is generally the most liquid market).

    1. I completely agree. I made the mistake of purchasing and transferring using Bitcoin and Ethereum at a slow speed and high transaction cost. Coinbase charges a shit ton for transfer, and even just purchasing with a bank account has a 1 week wait time for the crypto to arrive. Speed and transaction cost matter so much in a market where you want to be liquid.

  2. You totally misunderstood the stop-limit order or just explained it backwards:

    A stop-limit order is when you sell when the price goes down below a certain price, or when you buy when the price goes above a certain price.

    Unlike a limit order which is that you sell when they price goes up to your price, or buy when the price goes down to what you offer.

  3. Yah love, however I found Binance to be slow lately. Took 40 min to 1 hour for Stellar to be received by my wallet. lately Cardano 40 minutes also slow. However Ripple XRP is mucho fast at 5-10 minutes. LItecoin komodo ok 20 minutes, dash ok. 30 minutes

  4. When i regestered , i wanted to give in your referal link , but it was not possible
    10200121 this was the number in grey and not possible to change .

  5. FYI. If you plan to use the BNB .05 commission plan, make sure that you have enough BNB coinage for each transaction. If you don't, Binance will take the rest of the fee from the coin you are buying/selling; NOT from your BTC balance. This will leave you with alt-coin dust/subcoin/i.e. .9 ADA. At present, there is no way to sell/exchange this subcoin for anything and you are stuck with these; dead money.

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